Put a Ring On It! 5 Stunning Engagement Ring Trends

As the decades go on, our style has evolved, changed, and repeated itself in many ways. Just like clothes, culture, and hair, our engagement rings have changed as well. You may have been dreaming about your perfect ring for years.

The average amount spent on an engagement ring is $5,900. However, about 10% of people spend less than $1,000. Whatever your price is, these 5 engagement ring trends will have your eyes sparkling with ideas.

1. Coloured Stones

People have been opting for coloured stones instead of the traditional diamond. The most popular of these include sapphire, emerald, morganite, black diamond, opal, ruby, and aquamarine. Most of these are gemstones and cost significantly less than a diamond ring.

You’ll love the uniqueness of these beautiful stones and playing around with the different colour options. It’s especially true if you are buying opal jewelry, as it has a multicolor hue that changes with light. These will look astonishing and make your partner look stunning. Another popular, yet pricey, option is the salt and pepper diamond. These are diamonds with inclusions that make them appear grey or speckled, similar to a raw diamond look.

Any coloured stone option is going to give you the character that you are looking for and will make your ring stand out amongst others. You’ll find all kinds of unique and lovely pieces with these rings for women.

2. Multi-Stone Designs

Megan Markle may have pushed this trend a bit more recently but this has always been a popular choice. Typically ranging from 3 to 5 larger stones, these rings really sparkle. Cluster rings are popular too and can help create the illusion of larger stone size.

These different stones can allow for even more creativity and uniqueness. The design options of these rings can be incredibly intricate. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a centre stone either. 

You’ll definitely want to choose a band that matches well with the shape of these rings.

3. Georgian-Inspired

These are often opulent and over the top. They’ll also give you that vintage look that’s been so popular recently. The Georgian-era is known as the time between 1714 and 1837. Rings like this were worn by the wealthy and were incredibly hard to make.

This style uses multiple diamonds to create ornate and playful designs. One of the most prominent features of a Georgian-inspired ring is the closed back setting. Foil was often placed at the back of the stones to increase their light reflection, making them appear even more brilliant.

4. Yellow Gold Bands

Yellow gold is a trend that many are seeing come back around. It seems like history is repeating itself when it comes to this one. The yellow gold trend looks great on many skin tones.

It’s another look that makes many rings look even more vintage-inspired and if that is your style, you’ll love these types of rings. This option is a great way to keep up with engagement ring trends and still get that simplicity.

5. Unique Shaped Halos and Centers

Some of these rings lean more vintage-looking while others are simply just beautiful modern designs. Beautiful, unique center cuts like pear, marquise, trilliant, and briolette are among the most popular.

Halos have also become a popular option for adding a unique look and design. Floral inspired halos will have your diamond looking like a shining sun.

What Do You Think About These Engagement Ring Trends?

No matter what ring you choose, you’re sure to enjoy looking down at that beautiful symbol of love. Rings come in many different varieties and your options are endless. These engagement ring trends are sure to give you some great ideas about what your interests are.

Make sure to leave a reply to let us know which of these trends you are loving or not loving!

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