Safety in the Office

Working an office job may sound like it is perfectly safe, especially in comparison to working on a construction site, however, any workplace has its own set of dangers. You may not be as likely to attain an injury from a heavy goods vehicle or circular saw, but any injuries you could potentially receive may still be quite difficult to deal with.

Your workplace should have a health and safety policy in place, as well as procedures for who to speak to in the event of an incident or injury. Failure to do so goes against company law – speak to a local PI lawyer (based in Oakland) if an injury does occur and you cannot find any written policy regarding what to do next. 

Keeping yourself safe on a day to day basis can involve a variety of different techniques.

Back Problems

Sitting at a desk for hours each day can cause problems with the spine, particularly if you are slouching or generally not sitting straight. Bad posture can lead to curving in the spine over many years, and other aches and pains. Sitting upright, and using a cushion or posture helper behind you, can help you to retain good posture and avoid any future unnecessary pains. 

Taking Breaks

Eye strain and repetitive strain injury on the fingers can both occur from sitting at a computer for too long. The unnatural light and concentration needed to focus on the information on the screen can strain the eyes, as well as cause dryness, and even migraines. Similarly, spending too long typing can have a negative effect on the fingers and wrists. It is advisable to take a few minutes out each hour to not look at any form of screen or do any typing, simply to give your eyes and hands a break. These little breaks may also help with your mental health, as they can allow you to decompress a little and work through bits of stress from the previous hour.

Look for Signs

Cleaning is often thought of as something that is done either before an office opens for the day, or after workers have gone home. This may not always be the case. If cleaning is going on while you work, there may be extra hazards. On the same note, any liquid spills may also create extra hazards. It is imperative that signs are used to designate when floors are likely to be wet or slippery, even if the water is caused by rain tracked in from outside. This can help to prevent slips and falls, which may also result in injury.

Looking after yourself in the office may seem simple, but it is easy to forget about these suggestions when caught up in work. It can be useful to set yourself a reminder to take breaks, or to pay extra attention to the way you sit, as well as being aware of any goings-on in your office, to help you avoid unnecessary injury.

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