Simple Ways to Help Keep Your House Cool During Summer

With summer here, it’s time to bring out those DIY tools and start renovating the house in preparation for the hottest months of the year. We can crank up the air conditioning to the max, we can keep our house in the shade, but those might not be enough to reduce the temperature in our house to a comfortable and liveable state. So in order to prepare for the blazing heat, here are a couple of simple tips that you can take advantage of.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just designed to help you cool down the room, but to also circulate air so that the cold air coming from your air conditioning unit and the hot air coming from the outside equalise, creating a pleasant and comforting atmosphere instead of being boiling hot in one side of the room and chilly in another. When you pump up the air conditioning unit to the max, it’s easy to feel like it’s a little too cold in certain parts of the house, and that’s when a ceiling fan can come in handy.

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Tint the windows

Most of the heat from the sun comes in the form of rays. A well-placed window tint can help reduce the heat by up to 83%, making your house much cooler and a lot more bearable. Without window tinting, your house will be bombarded by the sun and it will heat up to ridiculous temperatures. Window tinting is relatively inexpensive and it can also help to reduce glare which is essential for studies or living rooms where the sunlight can reflect on surfaces to blind your vision of a computer screen or television.

Close the doors

Many people open doors and windows to try and let cool air in. However, this is actually a bad idea because opening the doors gives the hot air from one room the chance to travel into other rooms. In fact, if you have a room which is mostly in the shade, then you should close that door and only go inside when you need a moment to relax and lower your body temperature. Since the door is closed and air can’t escape, it remains cooler for longer and makes the perfect refuge to cool down.

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Eat refreshing food

We typically think of eating things such as ice cream and drinking cold water in order to cool our bodies, but there are other foods we can indulge in that also help to reduce our overall body temperature. A salad is both a refreshing and healthy food option to eat during the summer, and cold soups such as gazpacho are excellent meals to treat yourself to. Cucumber soups are also very easy to make and extremely refreshing, and you can always learn to mix cocktails for when you throw the ultimate summer barbeque party. Now you may be thinking, how does this actually keep your house cooler? It’s simple: these recipes don’t require the use of your stove or oven, meaning that you don’t release hot air into the surroundings that will heat up your house!

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