Simple Ways to Brighten Your Home

A sunny day often puts a spring in our step. But when you can’t get out and about to enjoy it, don’t let your home’s dreary interior dampen your mood. Take action to brighten your home with these simple tips and ideas.

Let the light flood in

One of the biggest reasons that homes feel dark and dull is a lack of natural light. So, if it’s sunny outside and your interior is still gloomy, it’s time to tackle the problem. 

The first step is to clean your windows. Of course, many windows are out of easy reach, so rather than balancing on a ladder or leaning out precariously, book your local window cleaner in for regular visits. The cost of cleaning your windows will vary depending on the number you have to clean but it’s likely to be less than the money you spend on takeaway coffees. And as doing it yourself takes a few hours, you’re saving yourself valuable time. 

Once your windows are clean, you may be surprised by the difference it makes. But if light is still an issue, check to make sure overgrown trees and shrubs aren’t blocking it out. And tie back curtains or swap window coverings for lighter options. 

Repaint walls

Another simple tip to make rooms lighter and brighter is to change the wall colours.  And you don’t need to stick to white either. Dusty pink and peach and light blues and greens all work. As does a sunny or lemon yellow. 

Increase lighting

Banish dark corners and gloomy feeling rooms with well-placed ambient lighting. Use table lamps and arching floor lamps in corners and add wall lights where other lighting doesn’t reach. Plug-in options will save you time and money on extra wiring, making this change simple to do.

And don’t forget to pick a suitable light bulb. Keep the mood cosy and snug with warm glow bulbs or use bulbs that mimic daylight to make rooms feel naturally light. 

Upcycle dark furniture

Dark wooden furniture can make a room feel more enclosed. Not to mention looks outdated. But you don’t need to splash out on new furnishings to solve the problem. Simply give pieces a light sand and apply a few coats of furniture paint. You could go for a minimalist or Scandi feel with white paint or go bold with bright yellow, teal or green.

For dark sofas, try making them over with loose or stretchy covers in lighter-hued fabrics. Or, if your budget allows, get them reupholstered.

Add flowers and plants

There’s nothing brighter and more mood-lifting than a bunch of flowers. Don’t wait for a birthday bouquet to arrive, treat yourself to a flower subscription or take regular cuttings from your garden so you always have some on show. Position flowers in the hallway, kitchen and bedroom to perk you up at different times of the day and brighten frequently overlooked areas of the home.

Greenery in the form of indoor plants will also add warmth and interest to the room while also having health benefits.

Switch your accessories

A quick and easy way to brighten your home is to switch your accessories. Cover up dark floors with light, colourful rugs and adorn walls with bright and cheery artwork. 

Add summery touches with decorative vases, glassware and floral garlands. And change other soft furnishings such as bedding, cushion covers and blinds for more vibrant options.