Bright Ideas To Manage Your Money

If you keep finding yourself short of cash before payday, chances are it’s time to try a new way of budgeting. Managing money is one of the trickiest things we have to do. Here are 17 bright ideas to help you better afford the things you want:

Draw Up A New Household Budget

Download a template and fill in all the figures you can. Check recent bills, receipts, and bank statements to help you fill in the blanks.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

This is often one of the easiest ways to spend a little less every month. If you have solar panels, try to do all your vacuuming during the day. The energy will be free! Monitor your usage and try to cut back wherever you can.

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Quit Those Bad Habits

Spending your cash on things you shouldn’t buy can be part of the problem when you struggle to manage your money. Try to avoid buying cigarettes, chocolate, alcohol, and lollies.

Borrow Sensibly

If you know you sometimes need flexibility in your repayments, then choose flexible lenders like Credit24 that might be able to grant a month off or faster repayments.

Pay In Cash

It’s easy to lose sight of spending with a credit card. If you’re worried you might spend more than you can afford, pay with cash, so you know how much you have.

Pre-payment Card

If you don’t like carrying cash around, then try a pre-payment card instead. They work like debit cards in the store, but only give you the funds you’ve already applied.

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If you save every month, then you will always have cash available for that whimsical purchase or big holiday.

The Future

Do you have a pension in place? What about a house fund? Is there anything aside for your kids? Start to arrange your financial future.

Know Where It Goes

Try producing a pie chart that shows you where your money tends to be spent. This can help you make more informed choices about your next pay packet.

Aim Higher

When was the last time you got a promotion? More responsibility often comes with a higher income and better benefits. Ask your boss for more.

Aim Smaller

Choose a smaller car or a smaller house. Saving on fuel, insurance, rent, and water can help you save money.

Use Different Savings Accounts

Some savings accounts are high interest, but you have to leave your cash in there for ages. Others are instant access but offer little reward. Make sure you’re using the right one for your needs.

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Only buy fashion when your clothes need to be replaced. This saves space as well as cash.


It’s difficult to budget a night out. Save on tip charges with home cooking.

Shop Around

Get more for your money by finding the cheapest store for your goods.

Invest Wisely

Some investments yield great returns. Others are nothing more than scams. Pick reputation over return.

Other Ways To Earn

Make sure you have a backup plan if something goes wrong at work. Emergency funds, 2nd jobs, or frugality plans can help here.

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