Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Cosy Retreat

So, you will hear people saying that “there are only two rooms in your house where you can relax and enjoy the end of another day…” but the truth is – there is only one such room, and that is the bathroom. The bathroom is the only place where you can truly relax and indulge all your senses without anyone interrupting you. Therefore, it’s only natural that you do everything in your power to make this room look absolutely amazing and try to cosy it up as much as possible.

If, by any chance, you don’t already know what you can do to your bathroom to make it more cosy and enjoyable for yourself, we’ve listed a few simple things you could try out. So, let’s explore them, shall we?

Option 1 – rain shower heads

If you love the rain – and who doesn’t? – you should consider installing a rain shower head in your bathroom. These shower heads distribute water equally, thus creating the illusion that you are actually standing in the rain. And if you like smooching and getting caught in the rain, get some Pina Coladas and ask your significant other to join you.

Option 2 – Create a Spa Vibe

Another popular option when it comes to cosying up the bathroom is creating a true spa feel in it. From a big remodelling project to simply adding a few spa staple pieces, your options are endless. The easiest way you can achieve this look is by adding, or displaying, your bathrobes. However, if your bathrobe is not foofy and cuddly and made of the softest material there is, it’s time to go shopping. Also, try to get matching slippers for the ultimate spa feel.

Option 3 – Fill it with Soft Materials

Soft materials are the thing that puts the “cosy” in the cosy retreat. Therefore, if you want to make sure your bathroom is just that, fill it with cosy materials. We’ve already mentioned foofy bathrobes, but you can even take it a step further and add fluffy area rugs, soft oversized towels and delicate sheer curtains to tie the entire room together. And if you decide to go with whites or similar gentle hues, walking in such a room will make you feel like you’ve just walked into a cloud.

Option 4 – Indulge in Baths


Sure, showers are enjoyable and that is all fine, but there is nothing that will relax you more than a nice, long bath. Therefore, get yourself a comfortable bathtub (if you don’t already own one) and immerse yourself in warm water treated with a luxurious bath bomb. Add some candles for the ultimate romantic atmosphere and even treat yourself to some red wine or champagne if you feel like it. However, be warned – this tends to feel so good you won’t want to leave.

Option 5 – Fill Your Bathroom with Mesmerising Scents

Scented candles, incense and scented oil diffusers should find their way into your bathroom if you want to up the relaxation effect to the max. Scents like lavender, lemongrass or orange flower are very popular options since they are pretty mild, but if you enjoy more something with a kick, then cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood or even coffee are far better options. To avoid suffocation, however, restrain yourself from using them all at the same time.

Option 6 – Declutter

As you might have already heard, clutter negatively affects our mood. So, if you want to create a truly relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, make sure you kick all the clutter out. Anything that doesn’t belong in your bathroom should be taken out and anything that’s not being used multiple times on a day-to-day basis should be stored away in an aesthetically pleasing storage solution. Here, you can think in terms of wicker baskets, decorative boxes or interesting shelf fillers.

Option 7 – Organise

Options 6 and 7 really give the best results when combined. So, after you’ve stored everything that’s not being used all the time, organise the things you are left with. Shampoo and shower gel bottles should not only be shoved in the corner of your bathtub or shower but instead organised by type, purpose and frequency of use. Further, all of your other beauty products should be organised in a similar manner.

Option 8 – Add Life to Your Bathroom

Finally, add some greenery to your bathroom to maximise the effect your surroundings will have on your peace of mind. Succulents and cacti are some of the best options for bathrooms, but you can also choose to go with an oversized faux plant – whatever suits you best.

As you can see, you really don’t have to turn your bathroom upside down to make it more relaxing and enjoyable. These simple tricks will help you create a true Zen atmosphere in your bathroom in no time, and as you can tell, you can combine almost all of them, or choose to go with only a few of the above-mentioned options.

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  • classiqueavantgarde

    I am currently in the process of doing this with both our ensuite and our main bathroom! Certainly some great pointers in this list!

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