Spring Cleaning – Expert Tips

It’s not surprising that Google searches in Australia for ‘spring cleaning’ are currently up +140% in comparison to the last 3 months. As we head towards October, now is the perfect time to rejuvenate living spaces by tackling those cleaning, decluttering and organising jobs around the house. A quick spruce around the home will not only make it seem more pleasant to live in, but a clean home supports a healthier immune system as you won’t be breathing in those nasty and invisible germs. Kim Ray, Home and Interiors expert at Victory Blinds is here to provide a helping hand, as she shares her advice on cleaning jobs for each room of the house.

“It’s important that you take some time to wipe down all kitchen surfaces and cupboard doors with a good disinfectant, as those nasty germs will have been building up. For a deep clean, focus on scrubbing all your appliances including the oven, hobs, extractor fan, microwave and dishwasher, both inside and out! Clear out the fridge, throw away any food you know you won’t eat and wipe down the shelves with a scrubby sponge and spray. Mop the floor to remove any sticky patches, and if you’re feeling in a decorative kind of mood, give your kitchen walls a quick lick of paint. You won’t need to touch them again until next Spring!”

Living Room
“As one of the cosiest rooms in the house, you want to take good care when cleaning it. Vacuuming floors is an area most people will remember, but what about the curtains too? Put the vacuum on a low suction and use the brush attachment to gently move up and down the curtain to collect any dust. Be cautious though, as a suction that is too strong might misshapen the fabric. Baskets to store small items like throws and magazines will keep the room looking tidy for longer. You can even bring in some indoor plants to purify the space and create a biophilic theme.”

“When changing your bed linen, make sure to pull the bed all the way out and vacuum right underneath. It might even be worth giving the headboard a quick wipeover in case any dust was collected on the top. Flipping and rotating your mattress as well might be a wise choice to give yourself a more supportive sleeping cushion. Wardrobe and drawers are another area in your bedroom you need to tackle; empty drawers and wardrobes out completely and sort the contents into piles of ‘keep’, ‘bin’ or ‘recycle.’ If you’re feeling organised, you can also group your clothes by colour and category before placing them back into your wardrobe.”


“The bathroom is arguably the worst room of the house to clean, as it can easily get dirty again but you’ve got to start somewhere and Spring is the perfect time. Empty the bathroom cabinets and throw away any expired toiletries or makeup. Organise the remaining items into groups, storing items of the same category together. Wipe down your glass shower doors and give a thorough clean to remove any grubby grout. Finally, add some candles for a dash of fragrance!”