Stay Up to Date: The Best Women’s 2020 Hair Trends

If you’ve visited a mall or retail clothing store lately, you’ve no doubt started seeing the hottest Autumn fashions showing up on racks and shelves. But Autumn isn’t just a great time for refreshing your wardrobe for shorter, cooler days. Changing up your hairstyle is also the perfect way to welcome the new season.

Could a fresh new cut, color, or hair accessory be just what you need to say farewell to Summer? Here are the top 2020 hair trends to consider trying this year.

Shorter Hair

Bobs and pixies ruled the runways at the spring and summer 2020 fashion shows. Many celebrities are also embracing shorter hair; Cynthia Bailey and Savannah Chrisley just debuted daring super short cuts recently.

Bobs are still big but with a twist: the ends are less blunt and styles are more tousled as we progress through 2020. The classic cut itself also remains very versatile depending upon the length and angle.

Shorter hair is a serious time saver that is low maintenance and easy to wash. 

And if you feel the look isn’t for you, you can always opt for hair extensions such as those made by the Petersham Hair Co. until your locks grow out.

Curtain Fringes 

Curtain fringes are the perfect compromise for those who have always wanted to try fringe but don’t want to commit to regular trims. 

These fringes are on the longer side and parted in the center so they don’t block your eyes. They’re also easy to grow out, as they’ll naturally blend in with the rest of the strands as they get longer.

They also give off a retro 1970s vibe, which goes perfect with the crochet and psychedelic patterned attire that is in style this season.

High-Contrast Hair Colour

Hair colour has definitely gotten more eye-popping in recent years with every vibrant hue you can think of. In 2020 you can expect to see this trend continue with high-contrast blocks of colour juxtaposed against each other. Think platinum blonde framing your face in very defined sections against a darker shade, or adding strips of bright colour as highlights.

This look is definitely a higher maintenance one, but it’s also guaranteed to turn heads.

Padded Headbands

There’s something about padded headbands that help make even the finest hair look more voluminous. Padded headbands started sweeping into style this Summer and should remain popular throughout 2020.

Hair accessory manufacturers are getting creative by embellishing headbands with crystals or giving them texture and color. This means you can find one to be worn for any occasion, whether it’s a summer wedding or just another day at the office. 

Ready to Try These 2020 Hair Trends?

Are you ready for a new hair look? Any of these 2020 hair trends may be just what you need to feel refreshed for another Autumn or Winter!

To keep up with all of the latest beauty and style trends looks this year, be sure to check out our latest fashion posts.

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