Subway Accidents: How Can your Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

If you use the subway system regularly, then in all probability you expect all related authorities to behave in a reasonable manner when it comes to your safety. While travelling in subway trains, walking on platforms, or using the stairs leading in or out of the subways, you want to believe that you are safe. However, any negligence on the part of subway authorities can lead to injuries, sometimes grave enough to warrant a lawsuit and put in a claim against the subway authorities. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a subway accident then it certainly pays to have a personal injury lawyer by your side. Let’s see why.

Subway Accidents – How do They Take Place

Even though it is considered safe to travel to your workplace, place of leisure, or home by a subway train, an accident may occur at any time. Sudden stops or negligence by the subway operator may cause a slip, fall, or injury. There are several other areas of concern as well. While the subway is a great form of transportation, Justin Kimball from says there can be malfunctions or errors that can result in the death or injury of the passengers. Subway accidents may also take place because of the sudden closing of doors, derailing, subway crashes, falling onto the train tracks, absence of railings or safety barriers, and defects in the subway platforms.

Negligence in security, electrocutions, poor crowd management, broken platforms, and stairs, damaged escalators, and turn style injuries may also harm subway users. According to lawyers handling personal injury cases, slippery floors in subways, defective or broken equipment, hidden debris, and inadequate lighting are other causes of subway accidents that can be challenged in the court of law for due compensations.

Results of Subway Accidents

Subway accidents usually result in serious injuries that cause spinal cord damage, brain trauma, paralysis, amputation, complex fractures, broken bones, or in extreme conditions, a tragic death. It is important to know that once any passenger suffers an injury, or is killed because of the subway accident, the responsible authorities may be held accountable in the legal context. For instance, if you’ve been injured at a subway station or because of the subway train, then you have the right grounds to lodge a lawsuit as per the laid down rules. As an injured individual, you generally get up to three years of time in hand to file your negligence lawsuit. These time constraints are not fixed and may vary on a case-to-case basis.

Role of Personal Injury Lawyers

In general, personal injury lawyers belong to the category of civil litigators who are eligible to provide legal representation to you, the plaintiff. This is provided you’ve suffered physical or psychological injuries because of the careless acts or negligence of any third-party entity, organisation, or person.

The personal injury attorney hired by you can help you receive due compensation for your losses. Click here to know more about how your lawyer can help you get compensation claims for all your injury expenses. These losses will encompass any loss in your overall earning capacity because of pain and suffering, inability to go to work, emotional distress, medical expenses, legal costs, attorney fees, and any loss of companionship or consortium.

Need for an Experienced Subway Accident Lawyer

As there are certain time constraints for filing the case, it’s recommended that you seek the help of a qualified subway accident attorney right away. The lawyer hired by you will help you understand the statute of limitations and also explain the process of filing the claim in line with all laid down rules and regulations. Generally, subway accident lawyers are well-versed in fighting for the claim on behalf of their clients. They help in the documentation process and ensure that the papers are filed incorrectly and within the right time frame to deliver the results you seek. A good law firm usually has a team of experienced subway accident lawyers who prepare and file the lawsuit, interview the witnesses if any, negotiate upon the amount of settlement, and pursue the process to get you maximum compensation on legal grounds.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

In the unfortunate event of you or a loved one getting involved in a subway accident, (caused due to the sheer negligence of the subway authorities) you can file a claim to recoup the due compensation for the incurred losses. Reach out to legal experts to understand the process of claim filing and go about the act on the double.

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