Easy Ways to Stay Cool and Fresh All Summer

All hell breaks loose in summer. We try our hardest to staying cool and fragrant, but to little avail because the enemy creeps in while we aren’t paying attention and before you know it, we are drenched in sweat. Unless you spend countless hours underneath the air-conditioning unit or immerse yourself in the pool until you reach old lady wrinkle status, sweat is an inevitable part of summer. So how do you keep your body temperature under control?

Ditch Synthetic Clothing

That t-shirt you wore yesterday is way dirtier than what you think it is, harbouring everything from both normal and potentially dangerous bacteria to faeces and viruses. Add perspiration the equation and you’ll be on your way to smelling like an old boot. The situation increases significantly when you are wearing items that are made from synthetic materials. Generally, cheaper clothes reacts with your skin, increasing your body’s need to sweat and making it seem excessive. Opt for natural fibres like cotton, wool and silk that naturally defend against bacterial growth.

Another way of combating sweating and especially, thigh chaffing (ouch!), is to use chaffing shorts. We love Bridgets underwear. The clever fabric is designed with the intention to create a barrier between the skin on your thighs and wick away sweat.

As well as protecting your skin from sweat, Bridgets provide a smooth line under clothing. So you don’t even know they are there! They are comfortable too. Bridgets don’t require an aerobics routine to get into and you can move freely (and breathe!) in them.  I don’t know how I got through previous summers without them. Best of all, Bridgets come in two colours, nude and black, which will have you covered for any outfit you choose to wear. From wearing mini to maxi skirts or dresses, you need Bridgets in your life!

Consume refreshing snacks


There’s a reason why summer fruits are only in season for the hotter months. These smart foods are filled with vitamin enriched juice that make for a refreshing snack on a scorching day, keeping you hydrated and meeting your daily health needs. Fruits are highly nutritious and have an abundant supply of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, and may protect from cancers. Yep, consuming fruits means you can say goodbye to summer colds and hello to that bikini body, all the while keeping you cool.

Use an antiperspirant

Did you know what deodorants and antiperspirants aren’t the same thing? But wait…what? Deodorants only mask body odour with fragrance yet antiperspirants plug your pores to stop sweat. Using deodorants really only has the same effect as using perfume, and to make matters worse, it supplies a breeding ground for bacteria which makes you excrete body odour. So if you want to save yourself the embarrassment of spending the whole day with wet circles under your arms, invest in an extra strength antiperspirant for sensitive skin like Rexona Clinical for Women or my favourite, Rexona Motionsence Sexy Bouquet Antiperspirant. 

Wash away the grime

woman in shower

A shower is a real pleasure during summer and most of us take two daily, just to stay cool. Not only does it wash away the grime, odour and dirt from the day leaves you smelling oh so fresh. Bathers beware, too much showering can strip your body from all the normal, good bacteria and a shower that is far too hot puts you at risk of infection. Make sure you use a moisturising body wash such as Dove Triple Moisturising body wash or Alpha Keri Skin Hydrating Body Wash.

Take care of your skin with light beauty products

tinted moisturiser

We use heavier moisturiser to combat dry skin throughout the winter, so it’s only natural that we would wear lighter alternatives in the summer to suit the changes in the temperature. Try to avoid a full coverage of makeup, as it will only melt away or seep into your pores causing blemishes. Instead, opt for tinted moisturisers that give your complexion that healthy summer glow.

Our picks of the best BB creams on the market; La Roche-posay Uvidea XL Melt-In BB Cream SPF 50 and Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector.

How do you keep cool during summer? Tell us in the comments below.

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