Six Ways To Find A Supermarket’s Best Wine

wine supermarket

Walk into any supermarket liquor store and there is always an eye-bulging amount of wine on offer. Whereas most goods have half an aisle or one at most, wine can spread over two or three aisles. If you are a wine connoisseur, just the thought of all that wine is enough to make your heart skip a bit. However, if you are a novice, it is enough to fill you with dread. All the choice can make picking the perfect bottle almost impossible unless you know a few sneaky tricks of the trade.

First of all, get your bearings! It sounds stupid, but you can be overwhelmed by all the choice on offer. And, when you start to panic you start to make dodgy decisions. For example, picking the first bottle that you see because you cannot be bothered with the hassle. Unfortunately, picking a bottle at random is not a good strategy and won’t work most of the time.

Get rid of the big bottles because they don’t usually equate to quality. Of course, some quality bottles of wine will come in big packages. But, for the most part, they are the mass produced stuff that can taste like vinegar. That goes for the boxes of wine too. Any wine that looks like it is mass produced probably will be mass produced.

Now, you should have a lot fewer wines to choose from, and your next decision should make it smaller. Red or white? Seriously, that is a question that is so easy to ask, yet one question that a lot of buyers don’t consider. What do you prefer and why? Stick with the colour of wine that you prefer because a rash decision could result in a wine that you hate.

Think about the region. The best regions for wines are America, California in particularly, France, South Africa and Australia. Any bottles of wine that come from these regions have a stamp of approval because they come from very reputable wine countries. If you want a left field option, Argentina is also emerging as a country that supplies the best quality wine.

Always take the price into consideration. Obviously, the more expensive the wine is, the higher the quality. Although that isn’t the case with most products, it is the case with wine. However, you are not going to be able to afford the top of the range bottles because they cost a fortune. Plus, you are only having a girl’s night in, so you don’t need expensive bottles. In the same vein, you don’t want to buy the cheapest and nastiest bottles on the shelves. A solid wine will cost somewhere in between the cheap bottles and the most expensive ones.

However, the supermarket might just not cut it for your wine needs. If that is the case, find an online wine store and check out their stock for more options.

Wine doesn’t have to be a massive decision, not with these tricks. Now, you can have that perfect night in with friends or relax on your own with the company of a great bottle of wine.

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