Sussan Women’s Fun Run

You probably already know I am a huge supporter of breast cancer charities such as NBCF, Pink HopeMcGrath Foundation and especially the BCNA.
The BCNA were a fantastic support and network for my mother when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago and when she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer three years ago.
Sadly, Mum passed away last September and I will never forget the support the BCNA gave her when she needed it most.

To help the BCNA, I will be taking part in the Sussan Women’s Fun Run 13.
The Sussan Women’s Fun Run is taking place on the 8th December, St Kilda (Melbourne). Registration is only $45 and early bird registrations could win a $200 Sussan voucher!

Six months should give me enough time to get fit for the event, yes? I hope so! A friend has recommended the Couch to 5km program (C25K), so I might do the program to ready myself for the Fun Run.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me fundraise for the NBCA. My fundraising page is:

Or if you would like to join me, details are below:



  • jenny wright

    hi Kellie,

    i think it’s absolutely awesome that you are going to run 25k! it will be such an achievement and it’s obviously for a wonderful cause.

    i’m just about to email you through my half-marathon training program that i used to prepare myself.

    kind regards,

    jenny wright
    health coach
    hello great health

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys

    Good luck Kellie.
    The C25k is a great way to start and it is the way i did it.
    I am kind of stuck on the bridge to 10km but working on it …up to 8km (i think in one stretch)

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