The Brief Lawn Watering Guide That Every Homeowner Needs to Read

The hot, dry area you live in is starting to have an effect on your lawn. It’s becoming brown and brittle, making your yard less than pleasant to look at. You can combat the hot area you live in by watering your lawn.

If you do it right, your lawn can become a lush, green paradise no matter what kind of weather you get in your area. The problem is knowing when and how to water your grass.

We can help you out with that. Check out this guide for a few lawn watering tips that will have your grass looking beautiful all year long.

Water in the Morning 

The best time to water your grass is in the morning before 10 o’clock. It will be nice and cool during this time so less water will evaporate out of the soil. Watering in the early morning will also keep your grass cool during the hot parts of the day. 

If you can’t water in the morning, go for the mid afternoon but don’t wait until night sets in. If you water at 6 p.m. or later, your grass will be wet overnight which will make it vulnerable to fungus and disease. 

Let it Soak 6 Inches into the Soil 

You should water your lawn long enough for the water to soak about 6 inches into the soil. This will be just enough to keep your grass hydrated without overdoing it. If you’re wondering if you’ve watered your lawn enough, there is a simple test you can conduct. 

Stick a screwdriver into the ground. The blade should have no problem sinking 6 feet into the ground. If you’re met with resistance, you haven’t watered your grass long enough. 

Use Pulsating Sprinklers 

If you know you’re going to be living in your house for a long period of time, it may be worth it for you to invest in an inground integration system for your grass. Once you come up with a good lawn watering schedule, you can set the system up to water your grass to fit that schedule. 

These systems will also deliver just enough water to keep your lawn nice and hydrated. 

Go Easy on New Grass

Sometimes there is no saving your dried-out lawn. In these cases, you can enlist in a sod service to put down new grass for you. You will want to go a little easy when watering the new grass. 

If the water stream is too extreme, it can erode the soil and wash away the seeds. Until the grass has matured a little, only water the lawn enough to let the water soak 3 inches into the soil. 

Lawn Watering Tips to Keep Your Grass Healthy

If you live in a dry area, it can be tricky to stop your grass from becoming brown and brittle. You have to water it at least twice a week to make sure it stays hydrated and healthy.

If you go overboard though, you may do more harm than good. If you follow these lawn watering tips, you’ll be able to give your grass enough water to keep it lush without washing it away. 

Watering your grass isn’t the only way to keep it healthy. Check out our blog daily for more ways to keep your lawn lush and green.

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