The Do’s And Don’ts Of Festival Fashion

For Girls:

Do Not Wear A Flower Headband

You need to stay away from this accessory.  While they are seen as the epitome of festival clothing and used to be a massive trend, time has passed.  It is better to wear a bandana to a festival. 

Do Not Wear Suede, Leather Or Fur

The rain, heat and spilled drinks will not work with these materials.  Festivals are not the right time to have heavy layers. These fabrics should only be used for accessories like your bags. 

Do Not Wear Shoes With Heels or After Five

While the shoes may bring your whole outfit together, you might want to reconsider.  These shoes will not be good for your feet during the festival. They will restrict you when you want to dance to the music.

Do Take A Bum Bag

If you have never used one of these bags for a festival before, your entire experience will be changed.  These bags are perfect for people who cannot stay away from their phones and need to keep them safe. Your hands will be free, you have no shoulder pain and everything is more fun. 

Do Use Glitter

Festivals and sparkles go hand-in-hand.  This means that glitter is a go-to for any festival.  You will not have to explain the glitter either. Also, get some glow sticks and glow stick necklaces for the nighttime.

Do Take An Oversized Shirt Or Jacket

Something that you need to have is some oversized clothing.  This is a fashion trend and you should take it to the festival.  It does not matter what the clothing looks like, it will work for you. 

Do Bring Out The Fishnets

While this can be risky, when it is done right it is very effective.  They can be paired with an oversized shirtdress and belt. You can also wear them under your oversized jeans for a great look. 

Do Not Wear Anything Too Bright And Tight

Neon colours are for school parties.  These colours and tight clothing is not right for a festival and will not be accepted. 

Do Have Pastel Hair

Pastel hair is never a bad decision and you should test it out for a festival.  After all, there are no reasons why you should not try this. 

Do Add Fringes To Your Clothing

Adding a fringe will get you some extra attention.  This is also an addition to your clothing that everyone is happy with. 

For Guys:

Do Not Go Shirtless

There are endless possibilities for what you can wear at the festival.  This is when you can try something a bit risky and get away with it. You should not squander this opportunity by going shirtless and save this for the beach. 

Do Wear A Bucket Hat

This is something you should try.  After all, who does not love a bucket hat?

Do Wear Denim

Jeans, jackets, shirts, and shorts in denim are all welcome when you go to a festival.  They are also an easy fashion choice when you do not know what to wear.  

Do Wear Crazy Sunglasses

This is an unspoken rule of going to festivals.  Everyone is going to compete and see who brought the best sunglasses with them.  To get on the bandwagon, you need to bring some crazy sunglasses. 

Do Not Even Think About A Mankini

There is no-one at the festival who will appreciate this fashion choice.  Not only do people not want to see them, they are probably extremely uncomfortable. 

Do Not Overdo The UV Paint

Less is more is a phrase that works perfectly with UV paint.  While dots under the eyes are appreciated, you do not have to dip your whole body into it.

Do Not Choose Outfits From Dressing Up Boxes

Fancy dress should be avoided at a festival.  While you can get away with a novelty hat at times, the full outfit should be avoided. 

Do Wear Cut Off Jean Shorts

These shorts are not only cool, they fit the vibe at the festival.  This is a festival fashion choice that you cannot go wrong with. 

Do No Wear Kanye Sunglasses

These are the plastic sunglasses that look like shutters.  You need to stay away from them and do not even think of taking them with you.

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