The Power of Makeup

Makeup really is a fantastic tool to utilise. Whether you want to glam up and look sexy and sultry, cover up any imperfections or just look like a slightly improved version of your natural looks, makeup is ideal.

We all have those mornings when we wake up and look like we’ve done ten rounds in the boxing ring due to lack of sleep. We all have our little insecurities and things we’d rather not present to the world. A dab of cleverly placed makeup can allow us to put our best face forward and get a bit of a confidence boost- and there’s nothing wrong with that!

It’s all very well saying we should all learn to love our looks regardless, but lets face it, that’s not always the easiest advice to follow. Here are a few different techniques you can try out if you love playing with makeup.

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Slimmer Nose

Since your nose is smack bang in the middle of your face, if you have any insecurities with it it’s going to cause problems. Thankfully, using contour and highlighting makeup you can drastically change the overall appearance. Simply using a darker shade at the sides and a highlight along the bridge can make an enormous difference, just check out nose contour before and after pictures if you’re not convinced!

 From left: Nude By Nature Contour Palette ($39.95), Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette ($69.00) and Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit ($14.99).

Wider Eyes

Big, bright eyes give you a youthful and wide-awake appearance. Large eyes are considered an attractive quality, and by putting the focus here, you really make the most of your beautiful peepers. Using a contour shade in the crease of the eye helps to give definition, and using liner, and false lashes really helps to make them look bigger and stand out. Don’t neglect eyebrows too since these frame the eyes and bring them into focus. If you’ve over plucked for many years, you might be interested to know that clinics such as offer ‘eyebrow transplants’. If you just need to add definition, a good brow palette or pencil will allow you to fill them in and improve the shape.

From left: Lancôme Le Eye Correcteur Pro ($55.00), Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palettes ($68.00) and theBalm Nude Tude ($49.95).

Fuller Lips

Big lips are in, there’s no denying that. Thanks to Kylie Jenner and lots of other gorgeous celebs, many of us crave that full pout. But lip injections can be expensive and also risky, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Many people are left with lumps, unevenness and even infection when things don’t go to plan. Thankfully you can temporarily enjoy the look of bigger lips with makeup instead. Use a lip pencil to slightly overline the lips– if you’re unsure check out a tutorial, so you don’t end up looking like a clown! A touch of gloss or shimmer in the centre of the lips can create the appearance of fullness. Ideal if you want to take the perfect selfie or just experiment with your look.

From left: Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Bold Liquid Lipstick ($34.00), Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Liquid Lip ($45.00) and Shanghai Suzy Whipped Matte Lipstick ($14.95)

Are you a fan of makeup? Do you use it to completely change your appearance, or to just improve on your natural beauty?


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