The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Commercial pressure washing services provide a valuable service to property owners by removing unsightly growths like mildew and mold that detract from the look of buildings. These products also reduce allergens, irritants, and other contaminants that may negatively impact the comfort and health of building occupants.

Before starting a pressure washing business, you should consider a few factors. It is important to open a business account, set rates and get the right insurance.


Nothing makes a commercial property look rundown and worn faster than dirt, debris and grime. Regular pressure washing by a professional will improve the curb appeal of a building and boost its value while protecting the building from mold, mildew growth, and other staining issues.

Commercial cleaning can be dangerous, but proper training and equipment help ensure safety. It’s also important to choose the right chemicals for different types of surfaces and to use appropriate dilution to avoid harming surfaces or leaving behind residual contaminants.

Professionals who provide a commercial pressure washing service typically have experience and can offer their clients peace of mind and warranties to protect against any damage during cleaning. In addition to insurance, they can also provide certifications and licenses required by local authorities and zoning laws.

Before they begin cleaning, the crew will shut off the power to all appliances and remove any grease filters or trays. They’ll also cover any electrical wires, outlets or boxes with tape to prevent water damage. They’ll then focus on your restaurant’s exhaust and duct systems, cleaning all hoods, vents, fans, and grease filters to improve air quality and food hygiene.


Commercial pressure washing services use specialized cleaning chemicals and equipment to clean dirt, mud, mold, mildew, salt, chewing gum, graffiti, bird droppings, and other unsightly stains from surfaces around buildings. They also provide regular cleaning services that can help prevent the buildup of these contaminants and protect against potential damage to the building structure.

A well-maintained and clean building can improve curb appeal and attract more customers. It can also help preserve the property’s value and avoid costly repairs due to mildew and mold growth. Regular cleaning can also reduce the risk of outdoor pests, such as birds and spiders.

Before providing a quote, pressure washing contractors will assess the area that needs to be cleaned and determine whether it will require special equipment or cleaning chemicals. They will also look for any safety hazards, such as a potential fire hazard from spraying water at high-rise buildings. They may also need to obtain a commercial liability insurance policy and a pressure washer contractor license in the state where they plan to operate.


Professional pressure washing services come with insurance coverage and warranties that can give property owners added peace of mind. Without these benefits, a business owner could be liable for damages to the property or injuries to third parties. This type of insurance typically includes commercial general liability.

For example, suppose you accidentally damage a client’s property by squirting water in the wrong direction or leaving a hose running across their sidewalk. In that case, this insurance can help cover any associated repair costs and legal fees. Similarly, if your equipment is stolen or damaged while working on-site, you may need to pay for replacements. This type of policy covers the cost of replacing these tools of your trade.

Errors and omissions insurance is another important type of coverage for commercial pressure washers. This type of insurance helps cover legal fees and other damages awarded to a client if a contractor fails to perform the work as promised or as required by law. This insurance also protects businesses from the financial consequences of payment disputes.


Often, professional cleaning services will offer warranties with their work to ensure that they provide quality results. This is important because if a pressure washer damages the surface they are washing, it can be costly for the property owner to fix.

Commercial properties must maintain a certain level of cleanliness to attract customers and create a positive image for the company. Regularly cleaning the exterior of a building with a commercial pressure washer will help to reduce the risk of stains and mold. This will also help keep the facility in good condition, increasing its value if sold.

The best way to start a pressure washing business is to find a niche and market it to clients in your area. Find a place to sell your pressure washing service to local clients. Social media can be used to share pictures of past jobs and tips on cleaning different surfaces. Set up a business website to simplify your clients’ quoting process, scheduling and billing. Get a separate credit card for your business expenses. You can track your business expenses with this card and comply with IRS regulations.


It would be best to have a clear marketing strategy to promote your commercial pressure cleaning services and reach your audience. Begin by identifying your customers’ needs and where they are looking for solutions. You can create a message to speak to your customers and set you apart from the competition.

Regularly power washing your commercial property can improve curb appeal and make it more welcoming. This can reduce the risk to health and safety by removing bacteria, mildew and mold from surfaces that people may walk on.

It is crucial to build a loyal client base, as pressure washing is a service that is often repeated. This can be done by incentivizing your customers, like discounts on future services and valuable content. Email marketing is another way to reach out to clients. You can also collaborate with local businesses and attend business networking events to meet new potential clients. These strategies can help you retain and attract more clients.