6 Simple Tricks to Ace Your Green Fashion Game

Do you love fashion? Does the thought of shopping (even if it is from an online store) bring a smile to your face? Well, you aren’t alone. The fashion industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Today there are more fashion brands, both big and small, than you can count, and the number is not going down.

So, what makes this industry grow so rapidly, even in the face of a pandemic? Well, there are many reasons.

a)  No matter what, people will wear clothes.

b)  Fashion trends change like seasons.

c)  Thanks to fashion tech, buying clothes is quite affordable

In short, it is convenient for people to buy clothes that they won’t wear more than a couple of times.

But, as much as 21st-century fashion looks like it is all rainbows and butterflies, it is one of the most wasteful industries. Every year, just this one industry contributes to over 10% of carbon emissions! But that’s not all. Environmental hazards, wasteful production lines, unethical and unorganised labour, etc., are only a handful of reasons why the world of fashion needs a big change – not in trend but in the way people see fashion!

From Runway-Fashion to Green-Fashion – Changing the Fashion Scene

Fashion has the power to touch billions of lives all over the world. So, if everyone who wears clothes (basically EVERY single person on this planet) becomes the change they want to see in the world, the dream of a greener future is not far away!

And the change is already in motion…

Sustainable Fashion Is Guiding the Way to a Greener Future

As part of the latest fashion rage, the ‘Slow Fashion’ movement is changing how the industry operates. Sustainable clothing brands are becoming mainstream and blurring the lines between stylish clothing and responsible clothing. However, for fashion enthusiasts, the thought of ditching some of their favourite brands and materials can be a big challenge.

But it doesn’t have to be! All you need are small steps and a little conscious thinking before adding that dress to your cart. Here are six super-simple steps you can follow to make your wardrobe a green fashion haven! Happy reading!

6 Ways to #GoGreen with Your Fashion Statement

1.  Know Where Your Clothes Come From

Like most things in life, the first step in sustainable fashion is also the toughest. It’s very important to know where to start your journey as a green fashion supporter. And choosing the right brand is often the trickiest aspect. However, as more and more fashion houses change from fast fashion to green fashion, it is easier to find your favourite pieces of clothing in earth-friendly fabrics.

Do your homework before choosing a brand. Social media is a great starting point to check if the designers do fashion the right way. Look for green tags on labels, sustainable manufacturing stamps, etc., before you say yes to the dress!

2.  Choose Greener Fabric

There are stylish fabrics, and then there are ultra-sustainable ones! Choose the latter. Natural fabrics like hemp, cotton, and repurposed plastic are amazing green options. If you are looking for hemp clothing for women, you’ll be surprised by just how trendy and fashion-forward these can be! Natural fabrics are easy on the planet, reducing process wastes by almost half compared to synthetic fabrics. They are long-lasting, ensuring fewer clothes end up in landfills!

From summer dresses to bags and everything in between, the list of wearables is endless. If you are in the green fashion brigade, hemp, jute, mul cotton, etc., are you BFFs?

3.  Try the #30 Wears Test

Before you buy that sequined jacket for your winter trip to New York, please stop and think if you think you’ll wear the same jacket at least 30 times. If not (for whatever reason), talk yourself out of buying it no matter how Insta worthy it may be.

The only way to truly reduce the carbon footprint of this industry is if buyers are conscious of wastage. Buy timeless classics over short period trendy clothes that you can style with other pieces to create new looks. This way, you do your bit for the Earth while still being a fashionista.

4.  Ditch the ‘Seasonal Wear Only’

Seasonal clothing is one of the biggest loopholes in the fashion industry. While you do need your trench coats and snow boots (or shorts and flip-flops) to fit the seasonal temperature variation, limit such clothing to a few essential ones only.

You can repurpose your summer jackets just as well for winters by layering them with a bomber jacket or a classic long coat. Choose colors that are neutral and work all year round. Not only will you have more space in your closet, but you’ll also reduce the chances of throwing away unused clothes.

5.  Don’t Discard. Donate

Why just visit the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving when you can do it all year round? And why discard your perfectly fine clothes just because you grew out of them or because bell bottoms are out again (well, they are not)! There are many NGOs and donation sites where you can donate your clothes to the less unfortunate. The joy of life is in small acts of kindness and giving. Embrace them. And what better way to start than your favorite clothes? At least this way, you know a pretty girl is wearing your prom dress (maybe to her big date night), and it’s not rotting away in the landfill.

6.  Give Your Clothes Some TLC

When you buy fast fashion (low quality, low price), it gives you immediate happiness (who doesn’t love a good deal), but in the long run, it ends up costing you more! One great way to reduce waste in this industry is by taking care of your clothes. Choose the right detergent (as eco-friendly as possible), hand wash the vintage lace clothes, make friends with a good tailor for minor fixes, and you’ll see how much longer your clothes lasts!

Summing Up

Everyone loves wearing new clothes, be a trendsetter. But the ever-growing fashion industry is putting way too much pressure on Earth’s resources. Sustainable fabrics like hemp, cotton, etc., and sustainable consumer behavior is the need of the hour.

Here’s hoping these six tips will help you take your first step in the journey of green fashion.

Stay Stylish. Go Green!

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