These Are the Benefits of Double Eyelid Surgery

In 2019, plastic surgeons performed 1,811,754 cosmetic procedures. Eyelid surgery accounted for more than 200,000 of those. 

Have you thought about having double eyelid surgery? Are you wondering how much double eyelid surgery costs? 

Would it help you to know that there are several advantages of double eyelid surgery? Keep reading to learn what it is and the benefits of this procedure.

What is Double Eyelid Surgery? 

Have you seen double eyelid surgery before and after pictures? A doctor performs a this type of blepharoplasty to take mono lidded eyes and create a creased double eyelid. 

It is sometimes necessary to improve vision but is often a cosmetic procedure to get rid of old- and tired-looking eyes. 

Double Eyelid Surgery Benefits

Because this is a fairly common procedure, techniques and technology regarding this surgery have quickly improved. Let’s look at the benefits of this medical procedure. 

Look Less Tired 

Excess skin tends to make your eyes look heavy and sleepy. Double eyelid surgery results in a fresh-looking face. 

You look more awake and have less puffiness around the eyes with the removal of the excess skin.

Adds a Fold to the Upper Eyelid 

The reason people choose to have this procedure is to add a fold to the upper eyelid. It’s a common procedure among Asians, many of whom don’t have a natural fold. 

With the added fold, people find it easier to apply makeup and like the aesthetic of double eyelids. 

Look Younger

Removing the excess skin around the eyes results in a more youthful appearance following the procedure. 

People are naturally drawn to your eyes. The enlarging of your eyes through this surgery enhances your eyes and your face in general. 

Improved Vision

Mono-lidded individuals often have very narrow vision. When you add an extra crease to the eyelid, you are able to open the eyelids more, improving your vision. 

Less Eye Discomfort 

Many candidates for this procedure have inward-turning eyelashes. This condition causes pain, dry eyes, blurry vision and more. 

There is a temporary treatment for this but to truly fix the problem, double eyelid surgery is the best option. 

Headache Relief 

Do you suffer with headaches or migraines? Double eyelid surgery may help give you relief from both. Headaches are often related to eye strain so it makes sense. 

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Is Double Eyelid Surgery for You? 

Now that you know the benefits of double eyelid surgery, do you think it’s the right move for you? If you are considering having this procedure, search double eyelid surgery near me to consult with an eye doctor or plastic surgeon to learn more about it. 

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