This Is How to Remember Someone Who Passed Away

Losing a friend or family member is one of the most devastating events anyone has to go through. 

When you lose someone who meant so much to you, there is no chance you will ever forget them. You do not need trinkets, photographs, or rituals to remember someone who passed away.

But they can help. They can help you feel more connected to that person and ease some of the pain.

If you need some guidance on remembering someone who passed away, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Talk or Write to Them

Remembering a loved one is as simple as just remembering them. Find a quiet corner in your home or outside, and talk to them.

Talking out loud will help you articulate your words and you can imagine their responses in your head. Don’t judge or overthink what is or is not important enough to say. Chat about whatever you would have talked about were they alive.

Or you could write them letters. If you are spiritual, you could burn the letter afterward as if sending it into the atmosphere.

Choose a Special Place To Remember Them

If talking to them is too painful or does not work as well for you, then you could choose a special location to remember someone who passed away. 

Think of a place you both visited together or where something poignant in your relationship happened. Places near beaches, woodland, or lakes are beautiful places for contemplation.

If your loved one chose cremation, you can buy cremation benches wholesale so they will always remain in that special place.

Start an Annual Tradition in Their Honor

Losing a loved one can make certain dates difficult to bear. Whether it’s their birthday, the date of their death, or an anniversary you shared.

There is no reason why you cannot turn their birthday, for example, into a happier occasion. You could host an annual fundraiser in their honour, let off fireworks, or share dinner and drinks with a mutual friend or family member every year.

Then, you will be keeping their memory alive with a happier ritual rather than an upsetting one.

Keep a Sentimental Item of Theirs

Remembering someone who died can feel easier when you have a sentimental item of theirs to keep with you. It can help you feel closer to them and spark happy memories around a certain item.

The object could be a piece of jewellery, clothes, or even artwork.

Try not to hoard too many of their items as this could be an unhealthy way to cling to the past. It can seem impossible to move on from the death of a loved one, but you have to find a way to move forward.

Remember Someone Who Passed Away the Right Way

There is no wrong way to remember someone who passed away, but there are ways that make more sense to you. Depending on your relationship and the resources available, you can remember your loved one using any of these methods. If they bring peace and comfort to you, that is all that matters.

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