Three ways sunscreen blinds can enhance your home



Much more than just decorative window dressings, sunscreen blinds can bring all sorts of practical benefits to your home. Providing versatility, privacy and optimum light, it’s no wonder that these elegant designs are becoming so popular among discerning homeowners. Let’s take a look at some of the ways sunscreen blinds can improve your property.


  1. Bring the outdoors indoors

Made using sheer fabric, sunscreen blinds can help you to enjoy a constant view of the world outside. Unlike heavy drapes and blockout blinds that provide full coverage and darken your rooms, sunscreen blinds let in maximum light to give you fantastic visibility during the day. And there’s no need to compromise on privacy either. When nighttime comes and you want to prevent nosey neighbours or passers-by from peering into your rooms, they can easily be accompanied by blockout blinds, giving you the best of both worlds.


Of course, the amount of daylight that is let into your home will depend on the colour and thickness of the fabric. Luckily, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to sunscreen blinds and you can take your pick from a variety of designs from specialist suppliers like CurtainWorld.


  1. Regulate the temperature of your rooms

While they may not seem the most thermally efficient option, sunscreen blinds actually have excellent insulation qualities that can help with temperature control. After all, there’s no getting around the fact that the Australian sun can be harsh during the summer, so anything that helps you to stay cool will no doubt come as a welcome relief.


As well as keeping your rooms fresh during the hotter months, sunscreen window dressings can also help to retain heat during the winter. For maximum results, you can add blockout blinds for extra insulation or place a pelmet over the top of the roller to minimise heat loss. Reducing energy consumption in this way means that you will be less reliant on air conditioning and heating, helping you to make savings on your household bills.


  1. Reduce UV rays and glare

By filtering harmful UV rays, sunscreen blinds can also help to protect your interior from sun damage. Over time, constant sunlight can begin to wreak havoc on carpets, furniture and soft furnishings, causing them to fade and become discoloured. So, if you want to keep your plush upholstered sofa, beloved wood flooring or favourite persian rug in mint condition, sunscreen blinds could well be your secret savior.


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