Tips and Tricks on How to Plan the Perfect Florida Beach Wedding

It’s always a good idea to stand out from the crowd. There were more than two million marriages in the United States in 2019 alone. If you want your marriage to be memorable, you have to do something spectacular. 

There’s nothing more spectacular than a Florida beach wedding. But don’t book your tickets to the Sunshine State just yet. You need to understand some Florida wedding tips. 

What is the weather like? When is the right time for a wedding? How can you find the perfect location? 

Answer these questions and you can have your dream wedding in Florida. Here is your quick guide. 

Check the Weather 

When people think about Florida, they think about persistent sunshine and high temperatures. That’s not entirely accurate. 

Jacksonville has an average annual low of 59 degrees. Even when it is hot, thunderstorms can roll in during the afternoon or evening. Thunderstorms occur on roughly half of the days in the summertime. 

Check the weather in the days leading up to your Florida wedding and adjust accordingly. Pick a venue that can perform your ceremony on the beach and inside.

Pick the Right Time 

You have several options in terms of time. Most couples schedule their wedding for a weekend, which gives guests time to enjoy the beach. You can schedule your ceremony for a Saturday, then give guests Friday to arrive. 

A holiday wedding can make for a festive occasion. But many venues are booked well in advance for those times. Plan ahead if you want a Christmas or Valentine’s Day wedding. 

Find the Location 

Start narrowing down your venue options by looking at coasts. The West Coast offers beautiful sunset views, while the East Coast is great for sunrises. 

Once you’ve picked a general area, you can decide which beach you want. Try to go and visit different beaches on your preferred coast. Take notes on accessibility and space. 

Wedding venues can offer many different services, so research a few options. Consider what your guest size will be and how the venue can accommodate your guests. You should also evaluate if you will have your reception at the same place as your ceremony. 

Create a Budget  

Once you’ve found the right place, start making a budget. Your venue may provide catering, so make sure you get a price for that. Factor in travel, hotel reservations, and personnel like a chaplain. 

Make sure you itemize the little things. If your guests are outside during the daytime, you need to provide fans and sunscreen. 

Plan Your Perfect Florida Beach Wedding 

A Florida beach wedding requires some work. Temperatures in the winter are cooler than in the summer. You may encounter sudden thunderstorms, so plan ahead for them. 

Schedule the ceremony for a weekend to give guests time to relax. Be mindful of the popularity of holidays and book your venue ahead of time. 

Pick a coast, then find beaches that could work for you. Examine a few different venues. Itemize all expenses in your wedding budget, including favors for guests. 

Keep up the good work by finding more wedding advice. Follow our coverage for lifestyle guides.

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