Tips To Get the Best Tummy Tuck Results

The tummy tuck is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures worldwide being one of the best ways to get back in shape. However, the recovery process can also be quite daunting and not as easy as it may seem. Though your surgeon has a huge part to play in the best tummy tuck results, you also have a big role to play. You ought to prepare your mind, body, and environment to achieve optimum results. This article will discuss some key tips to get the best tummy tuck results.

Follow post-op instructions

No matter the type of surgery you go through, it is imperative that you follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions to the letter. Avoid overestimating what your body can do after a tummy tuck so that you stay safe and recover as quickly as possible.

Stay hydrated

Our bodies are made up of 70% water, which plays a crucial role in healing. Water helps clear the skin, purge toxins, and transports oxygen to body cells. So, ensure you drink not less than half your body weight in water each day.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is therapeutic as it helps the mind recharge and enables the body to run at peak performance. In a deep sleep, unused resources heal blood vessels and the heart. Prioritize sleep hygiene to ensure your body will heal and produce the best results.

Choose a reputable cosmetic surgeon

A reputable surgeon will guide you through the procedure, explain the risks and tailor treatment to your needs. If you are in Baltimore, you can check out tummy tuck by Dr. Michele Shermak, arguably the best plastic surgeon in the region. Also, ensure you take your time and do your due diligence before picking any surgeon.

Eat a healthy diet

It is important to condition your body to a healthy diet in the months before and after your surgery. A balanced diet contains key nutrients for a speedy recovery and reduces your likelihood of gaining unnecessary weight and compromising results. Pair up your healthy diet with regular exercise to achieve or stay close to your ideal weight.

Manage your stress

Bouts of high stress often lead to inflammation and slow down the healing process. Ensure you redirect all your energy to healing your body after your procedure. Reduce lifestyle stressors such as an incomplete project or a fight with your partner and relax your mind.

Quit smoking

To heal well, your circulatory system needs to be in good shape. Smoking also increases your risk factors after any surgery, not to mention inhibition of your body’s healing capacity. Quit smoking for at least eight weeks before surgery and three months post-op.

Schedule your procedure after you are done with childbirth

The main focus of a tummy tuck is to remove excess skin around your midsection. Pregnancy will significantly stretch your abdominal skin, causing the results of your procedure to be compromised. It would be best to wait until after you have kids to consider a tummy tuck.

Wrapping up

A tummy tuck will surely boost your confidence in your skin, and you will be back to wearing body cons and crop tops in no time. Just ensure you know the dos and don’ts for the best tummy tuck results.

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