Top 4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Posture After Pregnancy

The excitement of becoming a mum is beyond measures, especially for first-time moms. When a new baby arrives, the responsibilities get doubled up; you have to take care of your toddler, household, and work commitments (if you are a working mum). With this busy day-to-day schedule, it is common to overlook your health.

It is wise to know that pregnancy can cause physical and hormonal changes, which affect posture, ligaments, and joints.

For that reason, it is your responsibility to look after yourself to get your pre-baby body back and improve your sitting posture. However, if you are a new mom and don’t know where to start, fear not! Here we will discuss some of the best ways to improve your sitting posture and get your pre-baby body back.

  1. Wear a Postpartum Recovery Garment

Postpartum recovery garments are a great way to kickstart your recovery process. It relieves pain, supports your body, and helps it to recover. Therefore, look for post-pregnancy garments that stabilize your abdomen, hips, and lower back.

Not all deliveries are treated equally. Yes, undergoing a natural/vaginal delivery requires different support and care from a C-section. Thereby, look for a customized recovery garment depending on whether you’ve had a natural delivery or a C-section.

  1. Opt For A Surgery

Home remedies improve your posture, but most of these aren’t worthwhile and offer short-term effects. Thereby, for instant results undergoing a mommy makeover treatment can be your best bet to regain your pre-baby body.

While most moms often fear undergoing surgery post-pregnancy, believe when the experts say it is effective and safe for everyone. Reading about mommy makeover by Dr. Raffi Hovsepian, you will get to know how the procedure is done and the areas it covers. Once you have the necessary information about the procedure, it is wise to learn about the benefits. 

Some of which are:

  • Improves breast appearance
  • Remove excess fat from thighs, hips, tummy, and other body spots
  • Restore a flat appearance of the abdomen
  • Boosts self-confidence

A mummy makeover can be your go-to-go option if exercise isn’t providing the desired results.

  1. Sit Straight – Always

Make it a habit to sit straight to improve your post-pregnancy posture. The experts emphasise following the below-mentioned tips to improve your posture:

  • Sit up with your back straight.
  • Sit with back support, such as a cushion, rolled-up towel, etc.
  • Find a good sitting position when you are not using back support.

Sitting straight can do wonders for your body by relieving back pain. Also, it tightens your shoulders and removes excess fat from other trouble spots.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mood, strengthen and tone muscles, and enhance your overall health. But during the postpartum period, postnatal exercises can:

  • Promote better sleep
  • Lose weight
  • Strengthen the muscles

Some of the best exercises to practice post-pregnancy include:

  • Swiss bird dog holds
  • Cat-Cow in tabletop
  • Swiss ball glute bridge
  • postpartum planks
  • side plank leg lifts

Also, diaphragmatic breathing and Kegel exercises are crucial to perform post-pregnancy. Indulging in exercises is great. However, make sure to consult your doctor before beginning your exercise regime. 

Summing Up

Your body undergoes a significant change post-pregnancy. However, to deal with the physical and mental stress, make sure to follow some tips mentioned above to improve your posture and get your pre-baby body back.

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