Top 5 Tips for a Cosy Yet Stylish Living Room

The living room is the centre of your home and is a place for relaxation and entertainment. Making it a cosy haven but ensuring it remains stylish is easier than you think. Here’s how you can transform your living room with a few simple hacks.

Declutter the Room

Most living rooms have books, magazines, and other items left lying around. Space is easily cluttered, so before working on the room, declutter unnecessary items and create a few ground rules to keep the place tidy. Just clearing items away will free space and make the room look larger. Do check out some smart storage designs so you can keep the room relaxed with books and other items to hand, but the whole area just looks more streamlined. For example, a footstool doubling as a storage container or some shelving will help keep clutter under control. It also sets the tone for a clearer space and saves time on housework so you can relax more.

Soften the Lighting

An easy way to make a room appear cosy is to focus on the lighting. Forget harsh bright lights but go for table lamps in corners or wall lights. You can have one lamp on or more depending on how you are using the room. With lampshades to match the room décor, the space will instantly appear inviting, cosy and stylish. Sculpted designs on table lamps work well in a living room space and add an elegant touch.

Using several smaller and softer lights around a room makes it look larger than it is, whereas a single light does not have this effect. Adding a mirror in a small room also makes the space appear larger.

Update the Paintwork

If you are refreshing a room, updating old paintwork will give the living room a new and relaxing look. Soft shades that complement the color palette work well and are not overpowering. A warm tone of paint on the walls also helps make a room appear more intimate and relaxing. Think golden hues or off-white shades with a contrasting color.

Check out your curtains and replace them if necessary with a cosy fabric that is welcoming and makes you want to relax. There are designs using plaid or fabrics like velvet that keep out the cold in winter as well as add warmth to the room.

Focus on Your Sofa

A sofa is the focal point of a relaxing living room. Many living rooms now have two sofas so the family can chill out in a cosy environment. To get the best couches for your living space, first, measure how much space you have. Too big, and a sofa can overwhelm the living space. You’ll need to consider the fabric and colour as well, so it complements the decor. Velvet, for example, has a deep pile and is ideal for adding a touch of luxury and warmth to a room. However, it needs more maintenance than other fabrics, so it may not suit a family room. Wool, linen, and leather are also great fabrics for sofas in a living area. Besides staying cosy in winter, they can be cool in summer too.

You’ll also want to think about the type of sofa that would best suit your living space. Three-seater sofas work for two people who want to spread out a little. Two-seaters are very cosy and suit small spaces. Some of the best sectional sofa designs work well for families and larger homes. They usually have at least three seats and can be split up to suit the space in your room. Add a few colourful cushions and your room will look instantly welcoming.

Personalise the Space

Although you are aiming for a clutter-free zone in your living room, adding personal touches will give it a feeling of a relaxing space. Find family photos to display in frames, a painting or two on the walls, and one or two books. You may have souvenirs from your travels or a treasured family memento. A relaxed living space is an ideal room to have these things and where they can be appreciated.

A plant or floral arrangement is another idea to create a relaxing and stylish living space. Display it where it won’t get too hot but will still look good in the newly designed living space. Remember that less is more in a relaxed area, so do opt for one or two statement pieces in place of several ornaments and mementos.

There are many excellent ways to create a cosy yet stylish space in your living room. Having the right sofa, decluttering, and getting practical storage are all great ways to get the style you want. Using those final touches of soft lighting while personalizing the area will create a beautiful living space for your family to enjoy.

Got any tips for creating a cosy yet stylish living room? Share photos of your chic decors, your best couches, and your comfiest style inspirations, and comment below.

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