Top 5 Tips on Newborn Photography for New Mothers

Did you know that there were over 3 million babies born in the country last year? If you welcomed one of those into your family recently, congrats! It’s a very special occasion that is worth commemorating with photographs.

Have you been considering having photos taken of your new baby? If you want to have a professional photographer take photos of your newborn child, this guide can help. Here are the top five tips on newborn photography for new mothers.

1. Pick the Right Time of Day

One of the most important tips in preparing for newborn photos is to schedule your session when you know your baby will be sleepy. Since they won’t be able to take direction during the shoot like an adult would, it’s easier to get quality shots if they aren’t awake or are very relaxed. That way you won’t have photos of a crying baby!

2. Create a Warm Environment

To facilitate that aforementioned sleepy state, create a warm and cozy environment for your baby. Keep the temperature warm and don’t blast the AC. A moderate temperature will help keep them relaxed, which is what you want for the shoot. 

3. Think About Composition

Before the session, do some research about newborn photography ideas for inspiration for your photo compositions. Check out other photos of newborns, and take note of what props and costumes work well. Then you can take notes and incorporate some of those in your shoot. 

4. Don’t Forget Lighting

Newborn photo lighting needs some special consideration since you won’t have much time for the photoshoot (because newborns are rarely patient with posing!) Natural lighting is best, so pick a spot where you get good, soft light. Morning light and just before sunset often provide a warm glow that looks great in photographs, so it’s optimum if you can schedule your shoot around these times.  

5. Newborn Photography Poses

Finally, think about professional newborn photography poses that you would like to see in your photographs. Create a list in advance so you don’t take valuable time during the shoot experimenting with them. Professional baby photographers can give you advice on the best ones for photographs, and provide you with tips. 

Create Memories With Photographs

Now that you’ve learned about the top tips for taking newborn photography, you can make the most of them for your baby’s first photo session. Create a warm, cozy environment for your baby that is filled with natural light. Do your research in advance about props, costumes, and poses you would like to use during the shoot–and don’t be afraid to consult with your professional photographer about all of this, since they should be able to give you a prep list and share their experiences for a successful session. 

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