Travel On Your Mind? Mindset Hacks To Bring The Feeling Of Travel At Home

We all had to cancel our plans and find other methods to encourage a sense of normalcy at this point in time. But even if you are fortunate to have a job, a healthy life, and you are near your family. Even then, canceling a long-awaited vacation can come as an actual sore spot. 

However, there are many ways to bring the feeling of travel by staying at home. Experts, travel bloggers, and experienced digital nomads have accomplished their need to travel without even leaving their house. To get the advantages of exploring a new destination from the safety and comfort of home, keep on reading. 

From being grateful for adventures, you had to take the time to pamper your senses in the past. These mindset hacks and tricks will help you in getting the rejuvenation to feel that you would have felt in your trip to the South of France for the summer vacation. 

Ask yourself what you really like regarding travelling.

The primary thing that can bring the feel of travel at home starts before the trip even occurs. To put an imprint on your heart for travel, change your mind, or feed your soul. You must know the reason that is driving your desire to travel. Question yourself about what it is that you need? What changes do you need in your work-life, personal life? What is your current struggle? Why travel? 

Once you know the desire like outbreak boredom, need a change, want to spend quality time alone, or maybe it’s just a feeling that will vanish in a few times. Know it so that you can make necessary changes to feel like a vacation at home. 

Add indulgence and relaxation.

Many of us have started feeling antsy regarding staying at one place when COVID-19 hit us all. But instead of getting worried and jittery, it’s better to shake hands with creativity. You can do so much with your place to make it look like a vacation. Decorate your porch with a swing bench, add some palm trees, or you can even add a canopy in the area. 

The main concern is to make it more exciting and have an area that gives you a tropical vacation feel. So when you are all tired and need a break from your work, you can visit that area of your home that will give you a sense of relaxation and indulgence.

Be thankful for your past adventures.

Now, what can make you remember your past adventures, endless photographs, videos, Instagram reels, and a travel journal. Right? Be thankful that you traveled a lot in the past few years. You need to envision what you read in your journal and feel the gratitude rise. This will restore all those great memories and centeredness. Your travel journal is your best pal at this moment when you wish to travel but can’t. Make sure you continue making a journal not only for travel but also for your daily routine so that later you can see your progress in life. 

The best part is these days, you can get customized WTF Notebooks so that it becomes easy for you to relate. Get it designed in a funny, witty, or inspired way to match it with your current situation. It will inspire you to share more with your journal and give you that quality time with your journal. Maybe you will feel good after reading your pandemic journal in the post-pandemic era. 

Evoke your senses.

One of the best ways to bring back the travel feeling at home is to indulge your senses in a manner that assists in evoking memories of a past adventure. 

For example, you can start listening to the same music that you listened to when you were on a road trip with your friends. This will bring back all the fun and exciting memories that you gathered there. Close your eyes and embrace the music; you will actually be seeing clips of that trip. That’s how mindset works when you try to relive the moments. 

Another way is to place a souvenir on your side table that you bought from your favorite travel destination. When you see it daily, you will be able to link yourself with the place again. Evoking your senses is one of the easiest ways to travel being at home. 

Shake up your routine. 

That’s what you need to do to kill your boredom and fulfil your urge to travel. Change your routine completely, don’t wake up at 11 am, and then start your day with a disappointing tone. Wake up early, soak some fresh air, indulge yourself in yoga, or try learning baking. Do anything to give yourself an adrenaline rush as you feel during a trip. 

The most creative thing you can do to get a travel feeling at home is to create a campaign feel on your porch or deck. You can use a setting like a fire pit, cane chairs, a wood log to sit, or something more fascinating like barbeque. If you start doing it every weekend, we bet you will feel like you are in a new place with your family every week. Change the ambiance, sometimes plan a campaign, sometimes an outdoor date night, or you can even add a canopy to give yourself a feel of trekking. 

Or if you want something more simple and easy, then take a virtual tour where you go into another country without even moving your legs. But the crux is that you need to break the monotony and shake your routine. 

Wrapping up

We can relate to your condition and know how it feels to get stuck in one place. But evaluating the current situation, we need to change the mindset. Train your mind in such a way that you enjoy the feel of travel at home. The methods mentioned above can help you with it and give you options to relive the memories. Or you can create an ambiance that gives you the feel of sitting in a completely different location. 

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