Trend Shift: The Rise and Rise of Loungewear

Ever since the coronavirus crisis hit the world, everything has been dramatically altered. Concepts of social distancing and work from home have become quite important, which have affected many different categories such as going-out attire and workwear. Shoppers have started looking for comfortable and cosy clothes. Loungewear has boomed during this period. 

Everyone’s go-to clothes during lockdown have mostly been loungewear such as joggers, pajamas, and breezy shirts. Feeling comfortable in your own zone requires comfortable clothing. Loungewear, just like any other fashion trend, has been greatly impacted by the changing times, making it adapt to context. We have curated a list of absolute loungewear essentials that you can wear to the market, to work from home, or to just lounge around.

A comfortable PJ set

Wearing pajamas outside the house was once considered fashion murder, but these days, it is quite trendy and acceptable. Wearing PJs outside your house is growing in popularity. It is quite possible to be both sophisticated and cozy while wearing pajamas. You can add some polished elements to your outfit to make it pop. You can even work at home comfortably in PJs. If you have the ability to style them to perfection, it can be the perfect piece of loungewear, sleepwear, and even an off-duty look.

Our perfect PJ picks:

Cloth & Co The Organic Cotton Long Lounge Set, Wanderluxe Sleepwear The Ash Pyjama Set, Moonlight Bird Kristi Pants
and Cotton On Body Super Soft Slim Cuff Pants

Culottes and wide leg pants

Culottes and wide leg pants are the perfect blend between pieces that can be worn with your formal attire and pieces that you can wear as loungewear. These are extremely comfortable and can be paired up with a good shirt for your online meetings with the office. These are season-less essentials, they go well both in the winters and summers. These are a must-have item and can make your outfit pop. The best part is that you can find a number of sustainable loungewear brands selling this in different colours and styles. You can pair it up with a cashmere sweater in the winter, or even with a silk tank top if you are feeling cute. 

Cute Culottes we are loving:

Montaigne Full length wide leg linen pants, Atmos&Here Imani Pants (comes in 7 designs), THREADZ Cotton Pants and Eclectic Bohemian Pallazzo Pants Cocoa Floral

Semi-formal shirts

There are a ton of items in loungewear that look similar to regular shirts. These semi-formal shirts have minimal prints on them and are quite fashionable. You can wear these with a lace tank top inside and the shirt open, or even just use it as a mini-robe. So if you are lounging around in this and have a meeting, just tuck it in and close it up for good work attire.

Sassy shirts we love:

Kholo Toni Blouse in Night, Little Tienda Layla Blouse and Boho Bird Lady Whistledown Blouse


A kaftan has got to be one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing out there. This feels amazing on your skin and is loose and breezy. It is usually an ankle-length, long-sleeved, and unstructured tunic. Caftans originated in the Middle East, specifically in Mesopotamia. These are not only a great option for lounging around at home but can be worn as the perfect attire for the beach or the pool. It doubles up as a swimsuit coverup.

Our team picks for Comfy Kaftans:

Rubyyara Kurumba Dress, PQ Collection Ls Peak Maxi Dress, Lula Life Niko Shirred Dress and Jets Eden Roc Kaftan

Loungewear has taken over the world and has changed the way we dress. Use this list to find some of the most essential loungewear items that you should have in your wardrobe. 

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