Trending Wall Art That Make Fantastic Gift Ideas For 2021

Decorating your home space is always an exciting adventure, especially when done with the people you love. Sure, framing cute photographs can be an endearing thing, but sometimes it is an awesome idea to switch things up and put your creative hats on. While you may find many photographs to add to the wall, there are many other ideas that are trending around the world today. Our blog will tell you all about the 4 most interesting wall art ideas that would make a wonderful addition to your own homes or a gift someone will cherish forever. Want to know how to jazz up your living space with wall decor? Read on to know all about them!

  1. Constellation Frames: Fairly new to the world of wall art, constellation art takes a snapshot of the night sky of special occasions, a very touching way to capture a memory. If you or a loved one is fond of stars and astronomy, this would be the perfect wall decoration to buy. On, you can get a customized frame of the constellation specific to the place and time of a moment you’d love to cherish. Moments like the birth of a young one, meeting your lover for the first time, a milestone like graduating, and many others are deserving to be remembered by the beautiful cosmos!
  • Immortalize your Favourite Music: Everyone has a song that has made a huge impact on their lives, and we often listen to them over and over again to revisit that moment. Why not put these songs into a frame so that you will forever be reminded of the wonderful moment it symbolizes? The frame consists of the favorite lyrics designed beautifully around the name and photograph of the recipient, making it a priceless gift to a newlywed couple.
  • Personalized Collages of a Special Day: Make collages extra special by getting them designed with fairy lights and a vintage frame. This trend is evergreen and makes a beautiful wall piece for your living room to show off some of the best moments of your life with the people you love the most. Customized collages with a sweet note sent to a faraway friend you miss will definitely put a huge smile on their face.
  • Capture Palm Prints on a Clay Frame: Clay art is back on the rise since people have found a new admiration for it. One of the best trends for wall art is framing a slab of clay with painted handprints that can mark a beautiful day like the first night in a new house, moving in together, adopting a pet, and many more. Once the clay dries, you can frame them and put them up on the wall to show off proudly.

Making memories is one of the most fun parts of our lives, which serve as a reminder of how many things we are grateful for. While wall art can be abstract, adding a personal touch to the pieces show that home was lived in with people who made lots of memories and are living to the fullest. These ideas for wall frames and art would make a great centerpiece in your room, or at a friend’s room since they all would make heartfelt gifts.

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