This Is How You Turn Your New House Into Your New Home

So you’ve just bought a new home for you and your family. Congratulations! But now all the hard work really starts. After all, you will need to put in some considerable effort to make your new house a home. Not sure how you are going to go about this essential transformation? Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks.


Decorate And Then Move In

This point may not be possible for everyone as sometimes, the first time you will have access to your new property will be your moving day. But if you get the keys a few weeks before you have to move out of your current space, you should use this to your advantage. Use this extra time to decorate any rooms that are in desperate need of a fresh lick of paint or other maintenance work. Do all of this before the movers take all your bulky furniture to your new home. You can find out about all the companies with moving services in your local area by doing a quick search online. By doing this before all the large items are in your home, you will save yourself the hassle of having to move large pieces of furniture around.


Host A Paint Party

Need to decorate a lot but don’t have much time? Or maybe you just can’t be bothered? One of the best ways to decorate in these situations is to host a paint party! This is just a party at your new home. Think of it as a fun housewarming party! There is just one main difference between this and other parties. At a paint party, you should get a load of paint and paint brushes as you will be letting your guests free to paint a selected room. This is such a fun way to get your friends and family together for a catch-up. Not only that, though, but they can do some of the hard decorating work for you! Let them paint whatever they want. You never know what kind of fun and funky patterns they’ll come up with!

Spend Some Time In Your Home Before Big Changes

There are much bigger changes you can do to a decor than just painting and wallpapering. But you shouldn’t rush into such big ideas. Before making any drastic changes to your new home, spend a few weeks living in it as it is. You might find that after living in the home for some time, you actually come to like its current style. In the end, you may decide against any huge renovation plans. And that’ll save you plenty of pennies in the bank! Another reason for living in the house as it is for a while is so you can develop your plans. Getting to know the feel of the house could give you some more inspiration and ideas on how you can change the decor. These moments of inspiration may not have hit had you dived in and changed things as soon as you moved in!

Get Ideas From Your Family

You have to remember that you won’t be the only person living in your house. So you need to get your partner and children involved in ideas for the decor. This way, the house becomes their home as well. If your kids are too young, then there is obviously no point asking them. But teenagers should be given some input. Especially when it comes to designing and decorating their bedrooms. However, as it is you and your partner’s house, you should have the final say. Just because your teenager wants to paint their bedroom in an outlandish color doesn’t mean you have to allow them to do so.


Showcase Your Family’s Passions And Hobbies

Your family will no doubt have some passions and hobbies that take up your spare time. Why not showcases these favorite pastimes and activities by incorporating them into your new home’s decor? For example, buy a large display case that you can use to show off all your trinkets and mementoes from your travels. This is a great idea for families who love to travel and go on vacation together. This is also a great way to display all your family memories. If your family are particularly sporty, think about trying to incorporate this passion into your home’s style as well. Many vintage sports equipment are very trendy right now. So why not invest in some retro cricket bats to display in your living room. Do you want to get some photos or artwork on your walls? Then think about some images and paintings that depict your family’s favourite activities and pastimes.


Get The Kids To Make Some Art

If your kids are too young to help you style your rooms, you may like to give them the chance to create some art for the decor. This can be an especially good idea if your fridge is already covered with their drawings and paintings. You could use some that are already stuck on your fridge door or ask them to create some new special pieces. Once they are ready to be displayed, you can frame them and hang them on your walls. Alternatively, wait until your kids have made a few small drawings that you can make a collage out of. Do your kids draw intriguing creatures and monsters? Why not send the pictures off to and get them turned into children’s drawings into stuffed toys and cushions.


Comfortable Extras

You’ll want to come home to your new house and curly up with your family on the sofa after a busy day at work. So adding plenty of comfortable extras can help you all settle in better and make the property feel like your home. One of the best ways to make a room instantly cozy is to add carpets and rugs. Ensure you have plenty of cushions and blankets on your sofas and armchairs as well. Then you’ll always be in the mood for a snuggle and movie night with the kids!


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