Typical Relationship Struggles And How To Deal with Them

“Love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it, or else we’re lost, and love is dead, and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing, we do.”

– Josh Radnor 

That’s how ‘Ted’ from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ elaborated love and relationships in a sentence and touched millions of hearts forever. 

Be it love courtship or a marriage, both the states require immense and pious love to grow and strengthen. This is something important after respecting and understanding your partner. When talking about developing understanding between two people in love, things get complicated at many points. And there are different reasons for it all the time. 

There are times when you may feel your relationship has come to the verge of ending up but then deep down, you pray that you continue holding your partner’s hand forever. Recognizing and then fixing that rough spot in your relationship should be treated as the first priority to respect each other and sail through the bad times together. After all, good relationships happen by great fortune; therefore, don’t hesitate to make every possible effort to make it work. 

Now, before we discuss what can strengthen your relationship and make you sail through this bad phase, let’s pay attention to the common challenges that most couples face. 

Challenges in relationships – 

Whether it’s love courtships or marriages, both of them are delicate. Thus, they need to be maintained with utmost concern. 

Directly or indirectly, the root cause of most misunderstandings and quarrels between a couple is rooted around ego or financial issues. Financial crises can be improved with a thorough plan, but when talking about facing and overcoming ego, one needs to fight in a battleground against himself or herself. And that’s a tough fight to conquer. Sometimes, a minor misunderstanding draped in unconditional ego ends up a beautiful love journey in no time. Before it starts to take a toll on your healthy relationship, make sure to talk and sort it out. 

If you happen to go through some tough times in your relationship, make efforts to strengthen it once again and see the difference. For this, start with reviving the pure essence of your love relationship and recall the time when it blossomed in your life. This helps to value your partner and encourages you to bring good times back to the track. 

Tip 1 – Set priority 

When you know, certain things aren’t going well in your relationship, set all of them on priority and fix them one by one. Relationships are more like living things that come with a growing and dying age. The only difference is that you decide its passing date or phase with your reactions. The more you nurture it with love and care, the more years you will add to its life. 

Therefore, if you sense there is something wrong in your relationship, set it on priority and fix it before turning out to be a significant turning point for your courtship or marriage. 

Tip 2 – Don’t insult, judge or comment 

If you think a minor misunderstanding is about to end up in a heated argument, stop right away and walk away for a while. This is the best way to give the relationship a much-required break and re-evaluate everything that happened. Aggression often makes people say bad words, comments or judge the other person negatively. As a result, you may see things worsening for your relationship. Rather than putting everything in the wrong frame, keep calm and come back after some time to discuss. 

Tip 3 – Stop the cold war 

Have you ever experienced a sudden and never-ending cold war making things look awkward between you both? It’s more like a silent death or cancer where you know you are dying of an illness, but you can’t help it. What worsens it is the egoistic nature of two people involved in the situation. Be wise, step forward for the sake of your love and discuss the matter. This is the only solution to sort everything out. Plan a conversation over a cup of coffee, and you never know you may end up having your good times back again in a moment. There is no harm in giving it a try, at least. 

Tip 4 – Bring positivity to the table 

Rather than yelling over everything terrible that happened between you both, take some time to discuss what brought you together. If not this, make some couple goals for yourself and follow them. It contributes to something together as a team that brings positivity and overloads you with enough reasons to smile together. Spending some time together without the thought of arguing can bring significant differences for sure. 

Tip 5 – Say no to blame game 

This blame game is not going to take you anywhere or will give you any remarkable recognition. So, it’s better to stop it right away and fix all the differences you have made in the past. Continuing the blame game will never come to an end; instead may end the relationship you have been blossoming for years with love. So, work on the positive phase rather than stretching what has been bothering you. 

Tip 6 – Good music can do a lot 

Believe it or not, good music with the right ambiance is something impeccable to bring back the charm you have been missing in your relationship. So, set up a perfect and dreamy date for your partner, talk about the differences you have been adding to so far, and work on finishing them off. Don’t forget to make everything look perfect with a list of favourite songs. 

Lastly, learn to value your partner. Remember, you are together to live, not to survive. 

The final line – 

No matter how much in love, almost every couple faces challenges and misunderstandings, leading to delicate times in their relationship. In such circumstances, rather than worrying about what happened, it’s essential to figure out the root cause and work on it. This may make you put your ego aside and think calmly, but once you do it, you can witness the real difference for sure. 

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