ummm ok then…

I am all for gender equality and have always had an “each to their own” mentality but when males are starting to wear lingerie, are we taking things a tad too far? Personally, if I was the lady in the above pic I would be looking at him and laughing too.

HommeMystere  has brought lingerie for men online and into the spotlight. They have had plenty of attention from around the world with their erm.. interesting designs. I’m not very keen on it, you see I like my man folk looking like… well…man folk.. a blokey bloke, if you will. A man who looks and smells like a man, who can fix things and likes “blokey” things. I think this stems from growing up in the country and watching farmers and tradies do their thing. Even though I was married to an accountant, he can still fix things, build things and likes footy and beer.

I can’t understand why straight, married men would be interested in such feminine underwear. OK, I understand the whole kink element but these pieces aren’t targeted at the femdom market. The range is aimed at everyday couples. I’m pretty sure a lot of my girl friends wouldn’t be too happy if their hubby came out wearing some of these pieces. In fact, I’m sure they would run a mile!

 “Go and put your lacy camisole and matching g-string on, honey and we can watch The Block!”.
I have a similar bra to the one above, I could be all matchy matchy with my man now.
“You look so hot in that pink and lace teddy, babe” said no one ever.
No words to describe this….
There were also some shockers from London Fashion Weeks Menswear Spring/ Summer 14 collections.
Mmm lace full bodysuit with trunks over the top and with added style velcro surf sandals was one look. Hot!!
Umm… yes… interesting ensembles.
I swear my nan had a jacket in this very material. Loving the beanie… maybe it is my nanna on human growth steroids or somehow mutated into super scary nan?
This outfit would look so much better on me… just saying.
OK then… What do you think of these ‘interesting’ outfits? Would you like your man to wear them?

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