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What are the best pipes for house plumbing?

You may not pay much attention to the water pipes in your home. After all, for the most part, you probably can’t even see them. However, what you may not realize is that there are different types of piping and you’ll need to choose the most appropriate for your home. 

In fact, the best pipes for house plumbing will depend on the job you’re doing. If you don’t have knowledge of this and understand why the differences are there then you should contact your local, reputable plumber Sydney and get them to deal with the issue for you.

Copper Pipes

This is one of the most popular pipes in the home as it is durable, relatively easy to use, and won’t corrode. In fact, copper pipe is often the only piping you can use when joining pipe to an appliance.

However, it should be noted that copper can only be bent with a special tool, if you try to bend it by hand it will kink. This means you’ll have a number of joins, all of which are potential leaking points. 

The good news is that you no longer need to be an expert in soldering to connect copper pipes, compression fittings and even speed fit ones can be used to make the job easier. 

PEX Pipe

In effect, this is plastic pipe. Sometimes it is pipe inside another plastic pipe, although it doesn’t need to be. PEX pipe is very flexible, allowing you to move across the whole of your home without having joins. This reduces the chance of leaks in the future.

It is the most cost-effective solution and is becoming the most common option for many homeowners. In fact, it can be easily joined to copper or brass fittings if needed. It’s also important to be aware that this is generally supplied in two colors, red and blue. This will allow you to use the red for hot water applications and the blue for cold, helping you in the future if you need t do repairs.

However, it should be noted that UV light degrades the pipe, PEX pipe should not be used in outside applications. 

Stainless Steel

The final best pipes for house plumbing is stainless steel. This is a more expensive metal but can be purchased in set lengths of flexible hose or as a rigid pipe.  

Because it is more expensive it is not used for the longer runs in your home. However, it does look a lot better than copper or PEX and is corrosion resistant. This makes it a good choice for where the pipes are on show, such as the shower hose or to the radiators.

PVC Pipes

The above three pipes deal with water coming in and around your home. PVC pipes are also plastic but these are generally a larger diameter and deal with the water leaving your sinks and other appliances. Effectively these create the drainage system. 

It is important to check the thickness of the walls on PVC pipes, this will ensure they can handle the water pressure your system will out the under.

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