What Are the Causes of Bad Odours in Your Home?

Do you ever worry about bad odours in your home? How a house smells is one of the first things that you notice when you visit somebody in their home, but it can be hard to know how your own house smells when you spend so much time there.

There are a number of reasons why a home smells bad along with several solutions, so if you want to learn how to make a house smell better then read on to find out all that you need to know.

So, what are the causes of bad odours?

Unclean Home

The main reason that a home smells bad is that it is not clean. The house can be put under great strain throughout the day (especially with people working from home), so dirt, dust and grime can all build up and create bad home odours. Carpets, in particular, can trap bad odours, so professional carpet cleaning or replacement could make a big difference.

Obviously, the simple solution here is to clean the house from top to bottom on a regular basis. Once you have a clean home, you can then use scent diffusers from places like aromatechscent.com. These use cold-air technology to spread fresh, welcoming smells throughout the home.


Not emptying the trash is one of the most common causes of bad odours in the home, yet often an overlooked area. You need to get into the habit of emptying the trash regularly and not waiting until the bag is full (especially if you live alone as it can take a lot longer to fill).


Pets can be a lovely addition to your life, but they can also contribute to bad odours in the home. Bad smells can come directly from your beloved pet or it could be a result of their behaviour, such as an accident on the carpet or treading dirt all over the home.

To solve pet-related bad odours, you may want to wash the pet regularly and make sure that you are tidying up after them.


Unwashed laundry is a major cause of bad odours in the home and can be hard to notice. You should try to keep unwashed laundry in an airtight container and in one area of the home, such as the bathroom. Having piles of unwashed clothing in the bedroom or other spaces can create a funky smell that you will certainly want to get rid of. Additionally, make sure that you are washing your sheets on a regular basis.

Lack of Ventilation

If you want to know how to make a house smell better, you need to know about the importance of ventilation. When air does not flow through the home, bad odours can get trapped and permeate the walls. Additionally, a lack of ventilation can lead to mould issues, which not only makes homes smell bad but also poses a threat to the property and your own health.

Keeping windows open and using an air conditioning system is vital for improving ventilation and keeping the home smelling fresh.

Get Rid of Bad Odors for a Fresh, Welcoming Home

These are the main causes of bad odours in the home. Fortunately, it is possible to address these to create a fresh, welcoming and appealing space that you can take great pride in.

If you found this post useful, check out our products to see how we can help to improve your home’s smell.

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