What Are the Common Qualities of a Good Doctor?

Did you know that approximately 85% of American adults visit the doctor every year? Because there are so many doctors, you can change your doctor if you don’t like your current one. What differentiates mediocre doctors from good doctors?

Whether you are looking for a new doctor or you are interested in becoming a doctor, it is important to know which traits to look for. Keep reading to learn all about the qualities of a good doctor. 


One of the first traits to look for when choosing a doctor is empathy. Doctors should listen to someone’s pain, concerns, and reasoning while understanding and caring.

In addition to listening, a good doctor should show concern and ask the patient questions that show they care. 

Many mediocre doctors don’t take the time to fully listen to their patients, which leaves the patients feeling frustrated and unheard. Also, the doctor may miss out on critical details that could have helped them with the diagnosis. 


Another important trait of reputable doctors is confidence. When a patient visits the doctor, they want to trust that they know what they are doing. If the doctor doesn’t portray confidence, the patient will feel even more nervous than when they came in. 

Having confidence is essential to improve the patient experience. If you want to learn more about patient experience, click here


If you want to work in the healthcare industry, you have to be calm. Doctors experience stressful situations all day, every day, and if they don’t stay calm, they won’t be able to treat and diagnose patients. 

This is especially true for doctors working in an emergency department or surgeons. If a patient experiences cardiac arrest during surgery, the surgeon can’t panic and leave the room. Instead, they have to think fast to keep the patient alive. 


Anyone working in healthcare practices should be respectful to their patients. Doctors should listen to patients’ concerns with respect and avoid being dismissive. If the patient has a question, the doctor should take the necessary time to explain the answer.

In addition to being respectful towards patients, good doctors also should respect other healthcare workers, such as nurses or pharmacists. 


The best doctors are naturally curious. When a patient describes their symptoms, the doctor should put the pieces together like a puzzle.

If the doctor doesn’t know the answer right away, they should desire to figure it out. They may have to research online, ask other doctors, or spend more time with the patient to find the answer. 

If the doctor isn’t willing to search for the correct diagnosis, they may make the wrong diagnosis and suggest the wrong treatment plan. 

Do You Have the Qualities of a Good Doctor?

Whether you want to become a doctor or are looking for a new doctor, it is important to know which traits the best doctors have. Doctors should be empathetic, confident, calm, respectful, and curious. 

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