What are the different styles of FR boots?

People like workers of furnaces, gas stations, oil refineries and other industries risk their lives while working in those places. So, for their safety, special fire-resistant clothes are invented. It includes fire-resistant shirts and t-shirts, fire-resistant pants, fire-resistant boots and hats and many more. 

Just like shirts and pants, attention to footwear is also important because feet and toes are the riskiest organs to get injured quickly. So FR boots are created. They are specially designed steel-capped, waterproof and made of composite materials. There are various types of FR boots found in the market according to the requirement of work zones. They are:

  • Square steel toe western lace up FR boots:

Workers should wear special kinds of protective shoes with a lace-up design which not only give protection to their feet but also give comfort. These FR boots are made of pure full-grained leather. The toe part is given layered steel protection so that if any hard and heavy material falls on the toes, the layer will protect the toe. 

The outsole is made of rubber and tested oil and slip-resistant. It contains ATS insoles for comfort and stability. It also has a saddle vamp and double-stitched in every corner. For further info, see more at froutlet.com.

  • Round composite toe lace up FR boots:

These work boots are designed with an effective moc composite safety toe layer, round in shape. It can suitably be used during electric works as the body of the shoe is electric resistant. The bottom of the shoe has a wedge layer. 

The outsole is made of slip-resistant rubbers, and the insole is made of ASTM F2413 electric hazard resistant material with protective toe standards. It is also designed with a 6” high lace-up shaft. The whole body is made of full-grained leather, and it is puncture resistant. 

  • Wide Square toe pull-on waterproof FR boots:

FR boots should be much specialised and contain more protective features than normal boots because those who wear them are taking the risk of their lives while doing their work. These shoes have a wide-square toe design.

The outer body contains a mesh lining, and the whole body is made of waterproof material. It also has electric hazard resistance power. The body also comes with a high 11” pull-on shaft. The outsole is made of rubber and completely slip-resistant, and the insole has xero gravity xyclone material for comfort. 

  • Soft toe lace up waterproof FR boots:

The outer design of these boots has a ravishing look. These are soft toe boots with laces. The whole body is waterproof. The outsole is oil and slip-resistant with rubber outside, and the insole is xero gravity xyclone. It contains an 8” lace-up shaft. 

The boot is made of waterproof full-grain leather, and the whole body has a moisture-wicking lining. It also protects from electric hazards due to its rubber sole. The boot is featured with ASTM F2413 electric hazard and protective toe standard. 

  • Steel toe pull on FR boots:

These are double-H shaped western work boots and also flame resistant. The toe portion has a steel-plated covering round in shape. The bottom part of the shoe has Gel Ice outsole, which has the feature of in-built shock absorption to protect the back of the wearer and the soles are also slip-resistant. 

The body is made of full-grained leather, and the shaft is of pull-on design. For the comfort of the wearer, its heel is DRYZ in the ball area. The leather lining design is specially crafted by hand for longer durability. 

So, there are various kinds of designs in the market which satisfies all the conditions required to protect people from fire. The common thing in those boots is the flame resisting ability for which these boots are created. Allow yourself into the market to choose the best design with the best features to satisfy your mind as well as protect your feet.

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