What Must I Avoid to Prevent Hair Loss?

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Without a doubt, hair is a defining feature. Thick, long, glossy hair is everyone’s desire, but we are often faced with the prospect of hair loss. Although genetics plays a role, hair loss is mostly promoted by lifestyle choices.

To prevent hair loss, you must avoid those actions and choices that promote it. However, if your hairline is already receding or thinning, you can remedy it with a procedure known as hair restoration. The technological process is painless and fast, unlike previous methods. After restoring your hair, you can then begin taking measures to prevent hair loss in the future.

How to Prevent Hair Loss (in Men and Women)

1.   Avoid hairstyles that pull on the hair

Although the hair is flexible, it has an elastic limit. Continuous pull will get it to a point where it becomes permanently damaged. Hairstyles that pull the hair from the scalp, such as ponytails and tight braids, should be done less frequently.

2.   Avoid high-heat styling

If you must use heat to style your hair, it should be low heat. Heat leaves the hair dry and prone to damage. Hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons use heat and cause hair damage over time.

3.   Avoid bleaching or chemical treatment

If you’re concerned about hair loss, reduce how much you use dyes, perms, and peroxide treatments on your hair. Such chemicals cause sudden and irreversible damage to hair follicles.

4.   Be mindful of the shampoo you use

Although the primary aim of shampoo is to wash dirt and excess oil from hair, some shampoos contain harsh chemicals that go over and beyond. Such chemicals can strip your hair of the natural oils that make it healthy. It would help if you used mild, water-based shampoo where water is the #1 ingredient. It’s best to look at the ingredients and drop the shampoo if it contains sulphates, which dry out the hair and scalp.

5.   Use a soft brush

How you brush your hair can lead to hair loss. To avoid that, use a soft brush with natural fibers that promote oil retention on your hair. The oil and proteins in your hair are arranged in the form of roof shingles, so you should brush gently in one direction, from the top to the ends. This pattern will smoothen the cuticles.

On the other hand, brushing in all directions is equivalent to pulling backward on roof shingles.

Hair Loss in Women

Statistics show that over 50% of women will experience hair loss during their lifetime. The primary cause of hair loss in women is Female Pattern Hair Loss, which affects about one-third of them. It is genetic, but your doctor may recommend some ways to counter it. One highly efficient remedy to hair loss is hair restoration. Hair restoration by Dr. Brian Vassar Heil is fast, pain-free, and long-lasting. Your doctor may also recommend iron supplements, especially if your hair loss is connected to heavy menstrual cycles.

Final Words

Now that you know what not to do to prevent hair loss, there are things to do. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants, massaging your scalp, and using essential oils can help you promote hair growth while countering loss.

Like many other things, your beauty has a lot to do with your lifestyle choices.

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