What Types of Accidents Mandate Consultations With Legal Professionals?

Getting involved in an accident can be straining to the mind, body, and pockets. The following article will attempt to explain what types of accidents mandate consultations with legal professionals. As you read, you may feel tempted to ask yourself: Is this accident one that requires me to consult with a lawyer? If so, consult an attorney and find out for sure! https://moloneyandpartners.com.au/motor-vehicle-accident-lawyers-adelaide

Car accident

The most common type of car accident occurs when a vehicle runs off the road and strikes a stationary object such as a tree or utility pole. In this case, if you were in the car that struck the stationary object, you could have suffered from injuries such as whiplash, head trauma, punctured organs, lacerations, concussions, broken bones, etc. If you have suffered any bodily injury requiring stitches, broken bones, serious cuts/scrapes/bruises, etc., personal injury lawyers at https://www.hamparyan.com/ recommend consulting with an attorney before proceeding towards financial reimbursement for medical bills incurred as a result of the accident. Car accidents have strict sub-laws that vary across state lines so you are recommended to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer. You can visit personalinjuryking.com/car-accident/ to understand the laws governing a car accident and the ways to protect your rights.  Personal injury is often a matter of state law, so it’s vital to remember that laws may vary from state to state. 

Bicycle accident

An attorney may be able to help you recover damages if you were injured in a bicycle riding accident. The most common type of accident occurs when someone is trying to cross the road and gets hit by a motor vehicle that fails to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians. Car accidents are another common cause of injuries sustained while riding a bike. If you were injured, consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Construction accident

One might also suffer an injury at a construction site because of negligent property owners. For example, a construction company may be responsible for having either a safe place to walk or a designated walking path with proper safety equipment. If they fail to maintain safe conditions and someone gets injured it is possible to file a lawsuit against them in civil court pro se.

Slip and fall

Although your landlord is responsible for keeping common areas safe to use, you can also be held accountable if you negligently fail to keep yourself safe from harm’s way. If you trip and fall on an uneven surface or some other defect on the property that causes injury it may have been your fault. However, there are some instances where the property owner was negligent, which would warrant a consultation with an experienced accident attorney. In some cases, the property owner or manager of an establishment may not take sufficient steps to ensure that a slip and fall injury doesn’t happen. If you should find yourself slipping and falling because there was water left on the floor from a small leak, for example, it is possible that someone other than yourself may be held responsible for your injuries if there were adequate precautions that could have been taken to avoid this type of accident.

Property damage

Property damage accidents are also fairly common types of accidents. The usual examples are fender benders or parking lot dings on another vehicle or your own vehicle, respectively. In addition, if the accident has caused property damage in excess of $1,000 and/or if you have left the scene of an accident and did not provide information, it is important to consult with a lawyer before proceeding with insurance claims. These instances would each warrant consultations with legal professionals.

Property damage that does not cost more than $1,000 does not require consultations with legal professionals. If your car is parked and you get dings on your doors but no one else’s vehicle was involved (meaning none of the other cars were damaged), or you had a fender bender where both drivers exchanged insurance information and their respective car damages do not total over $1,000 dollars, you are not required to consult lawyers.

Accidents involving uninsured drivers

Accidents involving uninsured drivers are another matter. Consult with legal professionals if this is what occurred since most state laws provide for reimbursement when insured individuals are injured by uninsured motorists.

Car insurance companies may try to get out of paying for damages incurred in an accident where the other driver did not have valid insurance so using proper channels is highly recommended before accepting any settlement.


Car accident laws vary from state to state so contact a car accident attorney immediately if you don’t know how to proceed with compensation claims/ medical bill reimbursements etc. Personal injury law varies from one state to another – even if your property damage doesn’t warrant consultations with legal professionals, it should be reported to the police as soon as possible depending on circumstances for documentation purposes.

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