Why a Foam Bean Bag Could Be Exactly What our Home is Missing

If you are of a certain age, you may fondly remember bean bag chairs. Either from your youth or college years, they were a great place to relax with a book or fall asleep in front of the television. They never really went away, but they are now experiencing a resurgence due to their versatility and newer size.

If you want to add some fun and function to your home, check out the selection from Fombag.com. When your dorm room, bedroom, recreational room or living room needs a stylish update or that something special, think about a fluffy chair filled with “beans.”

Updated Bags

The latest style and type of bean bags are created with foam instead of the traditional hard “beans” that were once used to fill the small round chairs. In addition, the bags of days gone by were mostly covered in a vinyl that was uncomfortable and made you sweat after only a few minutes of lounging on its surface.

Today, there are so many different options for fabric coverings to create a comfortable place to recline. Most of these fabric covers are durable, micro-suede covers that are also removable and machine washable. This makes this piece of furniture last much longer than the ones made years ago.

Updated Sizes

A traditional bean bag chair was approximately 3 feet around. Today, you can purchase this same size chair, but it is typically reserved for children, along with a 2-foot size chair.

The updated bag sizes range from 4 feet all the way up to 8 feet and can also be made in different shapes. There are loungers and bean bags as flat as a pancake, which is what one of them is named. The pancake can be folded and adjusted to accommodate different positions.  

You will need an extra large area for the 8-foot bags because it takes up so much space. It is also able to accommodate six people comfortably while sitting. This could be a cool place to play cards or host a slumber party where everyone is in one room.


The updated bean bags also come with different accessories like

·         Different colored covers in micro-suede

·         Shredded foam filling

·         An Ottoman

·         A neck pillow

·         A micro-suede blanket

The shredded foam allows for different configurations of the bean bag chair to help support your body in ways the traditional foam beans do not.

Something for Everyone

These new sizes and styles of chairs fit everyone from the youngest to the oldest in the family. The larger sizes make it easier for older individuals to get in and out of them like a regular chair, but find them much more comfortable.

If you are looking to update your room and need a comfortable place to relax and unwind, invest in an updated style bean bag chair. It doesn’t matter if your room is decorated in retro style or traditionally decorated, there is a bean bag chair in the size, shape and colour that will fit where you need it.

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