Why Fashion and Accessories Play a Role in Helping You Look and Feel Your Best

Did you know that the average American household spent an average of $1,700 on clothing, shoes, and related products and services in 2010 alone? This statistic, of course, doesn’t even include an average American household’s lifetime expenditures on clothing, and not to mention, other countries’ average spending.

To date, the fashion industry still plays a prominent role in how men, women, boys, girls, and infants look and feel around the globe. The different styles, cuts, colours, textures, materials, sizes, and other features of apparel, footwear, and accessories are more variant than ever before.

While you may not consider the fashion industry to be a meaningful and fulfilling field, other than ensuring we have ready-access to apparel to cover our bodies and protect our feet when we walk, the truth is, this industry is empowering for millions of people in numerous ways.

The right fashion and accessories can play an immense role in helping you feel and look your very best at all times, including in the following ways:

1. Clothing and accessories can help reflect your culture, belief system, and traditional values.

Who you are as a person isn’t just shaped based on your innate personality, likes, and dislikes. How you were raised and the environment you grew up in can also have a big impact on your life. The nature versus nurture debate in psychology could tell you that.

Often, your cultural heritage, belief system, and your values are things you want to share with others. Rosaries, lederhosen, saris, bonnets, and turbans are just some of the many clothing pieces and accessories that someone might wear to not just reflect what they believe but also communicate to others what their background is.

Even just a casual t-shirt featuring a certain image or specific phrase can let others know what you believe in regard to religious, political, or cultural beliefs.

2. Fashion can reflect your mood.

There are times where it is not only appropriate but necessary to showcase our mood with the outside world. For instance, when attending the funeral of a loved one, we often dress in solid black to represent our mourning. When going to a party, however, we might wear something that screams “positive” and “cheerful.”

Although we might wear something to reflect our mood to others, certain outfits can also change our mood. For instance, if we’re feeling sad, wearing bright colours might cheer us up.

Generally, the way colour, texture, and style can reflect or even change our emotions is quite powerful. Because emotions are fairly universal, we can communicate the way we feel to virtually anyone with the right clothing, even without speaking the same language as them.

3. What you wear communicates with others who you are personality-wise.

Especially when heading out to social events where we may be meeting new people, like potential friends or future romantic partners, it’s important that we reflect our personality with what we wear. Wearing mostly loud, bright colours, for instance, others might consider us bold, outgoing, and playful.

Apart from showing off our personality, our apparel and accessories can make great conversation starters as we discover commonalities in fashion with strangers or acquaintances. Likewise, wearing the right outfit can give us the confidence we need in social settings to meet new people.

That said, without the right clothing and accessories for your personality, you may be deterring the crowd that is the most applicable to you. Although they say not to judge a book by its cover, let’s face it, we all do. That said, speak without saying a word with the outer apparel that beautifully reflects who you are on the inside.

4. The right clothing can accent the shape of your body, boosting your self-esteem.

Just like with makeup, the right clothing can emphasise the parts of our body that we love the most. For one person, they might want to show off their biceps or abs. For another, they might want to emphasise the curve of their hips or the size of their waist. Regardless of what one wants to draw attention to, there’s apparel for that.

Besides bringing attention to certain aspects of our body, clothing and accessories can also hide the things that we are the most self-conscious of like stretch marks, cellulite, fat rolls, extra skin, or even body hair. Certain colours and textures of clothing can also make us appear larger or thinner and taller or shorter depending on our goals.

By selecting and wearing apparel that shows off the parts of our body we admire the most or hides the parts we despise, our self-esteem can certainly be boosted. In response to higher self-esteem, we can feel happier, be more confident in social settings, and may even be more productive at work or school.

5.Dressing appropriately can help you obtain certain opportunities.

As much as we might be in denial, what we choose to wear on our bodies greatly reflects how others will perceive and treat us. This is especially true when it comes to attending job interviews, partaking in meetings, or even going to work each day. In scenarios like these, impressions are everything, and it starts with what we wear.

Wearing a casual t-shirt or crop top to a job interview, for example, will almost always guarantee you’ll be denied from your dream job or even from partaking in the interview at all. However, wearing the right semi-formal, work-friendly attire when meeting up with a potential new boss, you can certainly improve your shot at getting the job.

Likewise, dressing appropriately can assist you in other opportunities as well as receiving a raise or promotion, selling a product or service, or getting someone to invest in your business or idea. There are a time and a place for all types of clothing.

6.Comfy clothing can reduce stress and induce relaxation.

A big problem many of us have today is that we’re too busy, stressed, and anxious. When we are any of the latter things, we may feel tense, have difficulty sleeping at night, and generally feel like we are losing control of our lives with the never-ending list of to-dos on our plate.

While eating well, getting a good night’s sleep each night, and taking enough breaks and vacations is important for our general well-being when we are feeling more stressed than usual, just wearing the right clothing and accessories alone can have the power to help us unwind when we need to.

Apart from pajamas and sweats, there are many types and materials of clothing out there that are nice yet still casual and comfortable. That way, we can feel cozy, less stressed, and more relaxed at any time of the day, no matter the occasion.

7.Simple accessories can make you feel “blah” to “wow” in a snap.

Sometimes we don’t look and feel our best when we wear certain outfits because they are bland and simple. However, maybe we like bland and simple. But what does that communicate to others? They may think you have a vapid personality or are unprofessional.

Fortunately, you don’t have to scrap your closet and say goodbye to your current fashion style. Instead, all you might need to appear your best self to others as well as to yourself is the addition of fun accessories that complement the rest of your apparel.

If you want to truly look and feel great at all times, it’s important to opt for the right items like hats, scarves, jewellery, or other fashion additions. This is especially true if you have a comfy, laid-back fashion sense. Your outfits will never be boring again when you shop AdinasJewels.com for trendy accessories that meet your tastes.

8.What you choose to dress in can change your perceptions and behavior.

As strange as it may sound, when we dress and accessorise ourselves in a specific way, we tend to act the way it makes us feel. If we dress like a slob, we might feel like a slob as a result and may even start acting like one. Dressing nicely, however, we may put on our best behaviour.

In fact, several studies have found that having students wear uniforms each day at school improved their behaviour. Bullying often diminished, student attendance was greater, students were less noisy and paid more attention in class, and grades and test scores improved.

That said, by choosing to dress a certain way daily, we may be able to impact our long-term perceptions and behaviours. As a result, we can change our world as we change the way other people view and react towards us in response to the way we dress.


You might have thought that the fashion industry is just a money-hungry field of entertainment and competition. However, this industry still remains one of the most important in many ways.

For example, the right apparel and accessories can reflect what we believe, our mood, or our personality. It can also boost our self-esteem, improve our shot of landing a great opportunity, reduce our stress levels, improve our overall appearance, and change our perceptions and behaviour.

It is clear that the psychological power of fashion can have a huge impact on not just us personally but also in how others view us and act towards us. As a result, apparel can literally shape our general quality of life.

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