Why Should You Hire Pest Control in Perth to Remove Possums?

The common species of possums in Perth are Brushtail Possums. Unlike their ring tailed relatives who live on trees, Brushtail Possums (aka Brushies) live on roof spaces, chimneys, and tool sheds. Just like rats and mice, possums are extremely noisy at night, and having them in your house can be a nuisance. This post will discuss all possums, the menace they cause, and why is it essential to hire pest control Perth to get rid of possums. 

Why is it a bad idea to have Possums around your property? 

Possums are almost the cat’s size, they are charcoal, silver, or brown, and they love to eat fruits and blossoms. Do not get deceived by their cute and cuddly looks, as they could be an absolute menace and annoying to have around your house. They are exceptionally loud at night, leave droppings and urine stains around your home and release lousy odour. The hygiene of the property gets compromised and could lead to diseases like tuberculosis and coccidiosis.  

Their running around at night can give you sleepless nights. Some possums could also ruin your garden by destroying your fruits, vegetables, roses, and shrubs. Possums are damaging to the property; they can beat the walls and floors. They could also munch the plumbing, insulation and air ducts and cause damage to the property. Possums could disrupt your peaceful life once they have infected your house. 

Why Is It a Must to Hire Pest Control in Perth to Remove Possums? 

Possums are protected species as per the wildlife act of 1975; it is illegal to kill or harm them or try to move them in any way without a permit. However, possums are territorial animals and removing them from their original location could prove fatal for the animal. Therefore, it becomes critical to employ friendly means to get rid of them. 

Pest control technicians generally use possum traps and nest boxes to trap the pests and safely remove them from the property; they will then be released far away from the property. However, it is essential to ensure that the pest control company follows the Australia Possum removal guidelines. A professional pest control company will also guide you to secure the access points of the possums to prevent their entry into your property. 


Possums are a menace to have on your property, and they could cause extensive damage and compromise hygiene. Moreover, urine and faeces lying on the property could lead to a lousy odour and even cause tuberculosis and coccidiosis. However, since possums are protected under the wildlife act, it is illegal to harm them in any way. It is better to hire pest control services for the humane removal of possums. In addition, one can prevent their entry by fencing your property and removing all access points to the terrace.  

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