Women Health Guide: Common Breast Disorders to Address Seriously!

woman getting mammogram

‘Breast’ is a female body organ that changes with the growing age. You may see drastic changes in the breast during the puberty and pregnancy phase the most. Most changes occurring in this body organ are common. But at the same time, keeping medical attention on the sudden changes has no harm.

Out of all, breast cancer arises as the biggest breast-related health concern worldwide. With over 281,500 new cases expected in 2021, this severe health problem is likely to take a toll on your overall well-being and life. Additionally, different risk factors are associated with breast cancer, including hormone therapy, genetics, age, unmoderated alcohol consumption, etc. 

Fighting back such issues comes with knowledge. Thus, you need to be well familiar with the different breast-related health problems. Let’s sail you through some of them. 

Breast lumps – 

This is a frequently diagnosed health issue in women these days. It occurs due to multiple reasons like – papillomas, cysts, adenomas, etc. Breast lumps may differ in location, size, and shape. Therefore, the treatment procedure may be different accordingly. 

You may witness it during or right before the premenstrual periods, and it disappears after menopause naturally. This is when these lumps are benign and do not indicate cancer symptoms. However, it’s wise to get it tested timely. 

If you witness the lumps as hard, ensure to get it examined immediately as it may indicate the development of cancerous cells in the breast. The common signs are – hard breast, dimpling of the breast, feeling like a rock-solid chest, etc. 

If it is diagnosed with breast cancer, you may need to undergo breast removal. But relax as breast reconstruction can normalize the body shape again. As per breast reconstruction by Dr. Neil Tanna, the procedure takes several weeks or months to complete and brings desirable results. The best time to begin the treatment is during the mastectomy phase. 

Sclerosing adenosis – 

It is a breast condition involving excessive growth of tissues in the breast. This is common to result in unbearable breast pain. Although these changes occurring inside breast tissues are microscopic, they are likely to show up on mammograms. This may lead to breast lumps if not treated timely. 

Uneven breast size – 

It’s common to have uneven breast size in the majority of cases. However, it’s advisable to get it examined thoroughly as it may happen due to abscess formation, breast mass, cyst, or any other underlying breast-related problem. 

Fat necrosis – 

It is a painless condition with fire lumps caused due to damaged fatty tissue formation inside the breast. The condition is most likely to occur when you have an abnormally large breast size. But relax as it does not reflect any sign of breast cancer. 

The bottom line is that – 

Taking your health seriously is essential for everyone. But when it comes to females, they need to be extra conscious about their body changes and health complications. The biggest example is severe breast health problems like breast cancer leading to life-threatening circumstances. Before a minor issue turns out to be the cause of fatal, work on your health responsibly.

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