What Do Women Really Think About? Everything You Need To Know

Some men would say that we women are complex creatures. But in fact, we are relatively straightforward. I think this is because what it all comes down to is that we think about the same things. Sure, are reasons, hopes and dreams may be different. However, the main factors are all the same. We have the same fears potentially. The same idyllic scenarios we want to achieve. I wanted to explore this to see if it’s true that what we think about is more or less the same.

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Women think about their careers

I suppose that this may be the first point where not everyone thinks about a career. There some women out there that aspire to be mothers. But let’s explore the career for a moment. A career doesn’t necessarily mean a working job I don’t think. We can have a career as a mother. It’s still our livelihood after all. It’s still what we work towards each and every day. So yes I think that women think about their careers.

When it comes to a working career, I feel that women have many fears that will emulate one another. Women worry about how they are perceived in the workplace. They may worry about competition between colleagues. Be that men and women. Women can work incredibly hard in a field and then be frowned upon for wanting to start a family. It’s a sad fact that this can still happen in today’s times.

However what is amazing about women and their careers is that the sky’s the limit. There is nothing stopping women going for any job these days. That is fantastic in its own right. Whether it is a working career, you have. Or a “career” as a mother bringing up your family. It’s something women think about one way or another.

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Women think about when and if to start a family

Sometimes the question on your mind isn’t about when to start a family. It’s if to start one altogether. Some women are not maternal while others would love nothing more. But it’s safe to say that the “if” or “when” question will be on every woman’s mind at some point in their lives.

If it comes to the question of if you should start one altogether, then that can be one of the most difficult decisions a woman has to make. It’s expected, sometimes, that a woman would always want to start a family. But in fact, some of us just don’t want to, and that’s okay. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s our bodies at the end of the day.

If the question on your mind is when to start a family, then there is a lot of deciding factors that need to be taken into consideration. There’s the fact of whether you are in a relationship stable enough to start a family in the first place. There is your career to think about. There is age that you have to factor into it. The later you leave it the more risk there is during pregnancy.

Both decisions are not to be taken lightly, but I think you can agree that they will have been on your minds at some point.

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Women think about the aging process

I believe it is only natural for a woman to think about the aging process. It has a lot to do with how it will effect our looks. How it will affect how we feel inside. Will we have as much energy in our golden years? What does the future hold?

There is no running away from it. As each day passes, we get another day older. We can’t stop the aging process, even though I’m sure many of us would like to. However, there are many things we can do to ease the process or help in the looks department. Places like cenegenics offer services to help with just that. There is nothing wrong with growing old. In fact, as each day passes we not only get older but we also get wiser. We learn new skills, develop new experiences and bank, even more, memories. The future is exciting and not something to worry about that is for sure. But if we can do it with fewer wrinkles and a little less weight gain then that’s always going to be good in my book.

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Women think about their relationships

Relationships. They can be a whole journey of their own can’t they? Some women are lucky enough to fall in love with their childhood sweethearts. Other’s have to kiss a fair few frogs before they find their prince. Whatever your situation would be, at some point you will think about relationships.

If you fell in love with your childhood sweetheart, you might enter your thirties and wonder if this was all that life had to offer. You may just think about how lucky you are to have spent your life with your soul mate. But you will still think about it. Whether fondly or with worry.

You may wonder whether you will ever find the right one. In my experience, you always seem to fall in love when you least expect. Easier said than done, though.

Relationships can be tricky business. You may have to question you and your partner from time to time. Perhaps the trust isn’t there, and you wonder whether they are working late or getting up to something they shouldn’t. Or maybe you are getting on one another nerves and arguing more often.

I think a relationship will always be a thought in a woman’s mind whatever their situation may be. They are a rollercoaster ride that is for sure. Through the good and the bad, you always get to the end of the ride. One way or another. I think the best advice when it comes to relationships is to trust your gut instinct and remember you are still an individual.


So there you have it. What women think about and everything you would ever need to know about it. Life’s a journey. It is a marathon and not a sprint. So enjoy it and embrace it.


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