Would-Be Bride’s Guide To Break The Stereotype By Proposing Him In Style

What do you imagine when someone says the words “marriage proposal” in front of you. Well, if you also imagine a blushing bride and a groom on his knees with a ring in his hand, you are no different. 

Today, millennials and Gen-Z are going crazy over the idea of women breaking the stereotypes and proposing to their significant others. And why not? You get to know when to pop the question and make it special for your would-be fiance. 

Not to mention, you will get to redefine those pre-decided gender roles and break the protocol. 

But proposals can be a bit challenging to plan. From picking up the perfect ring to decorating your ideal proposal destination, there’s a lot to think about. 

So, if you are interested in popping the big question all by yourself, here are some tips for you that can help you propose him in style. 

  • Check your relationship’s status

The first thing you need to do before you even consider popping the question would be to be sure about where you both stand in your relationship. 

See, proposing to him would be something that’s going to be special for you both, and negative outcomes could break your heart into pieces. Plus, it would be a really big, not to mention, life-changing decision for both of you. 

So, if you feel that you are uncertain about taking your relationship to the next level, it would be best to strengthen your relationship first. 

And if you feel that you two are a marriage-ready couple, stop waiting for the right time and propose to him right away. 

  • Know thy mate 

Now that you are sure of the fact that you both are all set to spend the rest of your life together, it’s time to know about HIS dream proposal. 

See, even if you have decided to propose for the wedding, the motive here is to do something special and romantic in a way he would like and enjoy. Plus, this would be the perfect way to cater to your proposal according to his personality. 

For instance, if he is a romantic person, this would make things really easy. You can recreate your first date and pop the question between meals. Or, if he loves adventure, then you can consider planning a hike for both of you and propose to him on the top of the cliff. 

All in all, the whole idea is to do what he would love, as it would play a major role in perfecting your proposal. 

  • Go ring shopping

A ring plays an important role in every marriage proposal. Besides, it is a piece of jewelry your partner is going to wear and adore for the rest of his life. So, before you go shopping for the engagement ring, you need to get a sense of what he would actually love. 

For this, you can consider taking help from his close friend or someone else from the family who can be trusted for not spilling the beans. 

And once you get a clue of what your would-be-fiance would like as his engagement ring, it’s time to go pick the one that fits right into your budget. If you are taking the surprise route, it would be best to take a look at your partner’s jewelry to guess the ring size. 

Try taking a look at different bands and pick the one that would match your partner’s style. You can consider a jeweler’s experience who can help you lay your eyes on High Quality Jewelry pieces to propose your man in style. You can also go for pairing your ring with additional jewelry items such as cufflinks to wow your fiance after he says YES. 

  • Plan the day in detail

If you are one of those who loves things to be done perfectly and in a certain manner, then planning your proposal right down to minute details can be a perfect way to take some edge off. 

For instance, if you are planning your proposal on vacation, then you would need to make arrangements way in advance so that everything goes exactly as planned. 

Or, if you are planning a surprise party with all your closest friends, then you would also need to make sure that everyone knows about your plan so that they don’t accidentally spill the beans. 

If you are planning for an intimate dinner for the proposal, then there’s something you can try. You can lay out a romantic dinner setting at a beach and decorate with fairy lights, candles, or your would-be fiance’s favorite flowers. You can also take it a notch higher by hiring a string quartet to play some romantic songs at your table. 

Also, if you are taking the traditional route, just hide the ring in his food or wine, and you will be good to go. The only thing you would need is to make sure that he doesn’t end up swallowing it. 

  • Don’t forget to hire a photographer

In the excitement of proposing to the love of their life, people often forget about the fact that they would want something to commemorate their special day for them to remember throughout their life. That’s why it is really important for you to book a photographer who can capture your special day. 

The best part of hiring a team of photographers is that they would also help you add proper lighting to your proposal setup that can help them take perfect pictures for you. They’ll actually help you bring your vision to life.

They will also take care of the fact that they capture every emotion and every moment of your proposal in the best way possible. 

And if you are going for an intimate dinner and are really uncomfortable with a team of photographers around, you can seek help from your closest friends who can help in capturing your special moments. 

The bottom line is, 

No matter how you plan your proposal, you are going to sweep him right off his toes either way. The only thing you need to keep in mind is you are sure about spending your life together, and everything will fall into place just like that. 

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