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Unless you have the genetics of Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson or Claudia Shiffer, as you age you will notice fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, dryness, fine lines and even wrinkles.

Thankfully, there are great products on the market to help with ageing skin that actually work. Which means you can also skip painful botox and collagen injections! I have been trialling the Skin Doctors range for just over a month now and as you can see from the images below, the products have made a HUGE difference to my 40 year old face.

To be honest, I was sceptical that products would lessen my sun damage and pigmentation on my forehead and cheeks after years of sun damage but they have all but faded. Having an autoimmune disorder/ thyroid disease (hypothyroidism), this means I have dry and flaking skin constantly. The weirdest place I have dry, flaking skin is on my eyebrows of all places. Amazingly, Skin Doctors has made my skin soft, smooth and even out it’s texture and even adds a glow. I have had people say how good I look, which is always nice. Even the fine lines I had on my forehead have disappeared. Makeup looks fantastic over the top of my newly smooth and glowing skin.

The pictures below were both taken in my ensuite after having had a shower and blow dried my hair. I don’t have any makeup on in either picture. Both pictures were taken with my Samsung Note 4 mobile phone.

no make up beauty skin doctors
Before (left) and After (right).

So which Skin doctors products am I using, I hear you ask?

Skin doctors productsSkin Doctors pH balancing cleanser ($24.95). 

Skin Doctors pH Balancing Cleanser not only cleanses away oil, dirt and dead skin cells but also primes the skin ready for maximum absorption and maximum effect from your skin doctors cosmeceutical treatments. pH Balancing Cleanser has been carefully formulated to deliver key skincare benefits: to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin leaving you with balanced, healthy looking skin.
This gentle light cleanser contains alpha hydroxyl acids which help break up the dead cells on the outer layer of the skin.Together with the softening and moisturizing properties of Avocado oil, it smoothes the skins’ texture by reducing the appearance of blemishes, fine wrinkles and pigmentation. It also kick-starts the skin’s natural regenerations process, revealing a radiant, softer and smoother complexion.

Skin Doctors gamma hydroxy forte ($59.95). 

A new generation in cosmetic skin resurfacing, Gamma Hydroxy dramatically smoothes the appearance of acne scarring, wrinkles and the visible signs of skin ageing.

With a unique Hydroxy formulation, Alpha and the Beta Hydroxy Acids have been blended to have a cosmetic resurfacing effect so dramatic that with regular use, it has even been likened to a chemical peel.

This precise combination of Hydroxy acids has been carefully balanced so that the beautiful, smoothing effect happens cumulatively – over a number of weeks – without excessively harsh irritation to the skin.

Skin Doctors skinactive regenerating night cream ($39.95). 

Skinactive14™ Regenerating Night Cream goes beyond repair. It has been specifically formulated to help repair your skin while you sleep, while protecting and treating the 14 universal problems that can deprive your skin of youth, energy, radiance and softness.

Skin Doctors supermoist face moisturiser ($44.95).

This amazing moisturiser gives you 24-hour total hydration and environmental protection, with antioxidants, sunscreen and skin illuminators in one super advanced facial moisturiser.

The routine:

I cleansed twice a day with the pH balance cleanser and followed up with the gamma hydroxy cream, then used the supermoist moisturiser in the morning or regenerative night cream before bed over the gamma hydroxy cream.

Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals are industry leaders in the development and marketing of breakthrough, clinical strength cosmeceuticals that offer consumers topical alternatives to surgery. Skin Doctors products are based on cutting-edge formulations developed in conjunction with leading research institutes and cosmetic surgeons. Clinical strength results No doctors, no needles, no pain! Their products are also made in Australia.

Light years ahead of ordinary skincare, Skin Doctors is not just another range of “fluffy moisturisers” but rather cosmeceutical strength preparations formulated to make a real, visible difference to the appearance of the skin. Skin Doctors is able to “bridge the gap” between ordinary skincare and cosmetic surgery and that is why many of the results have been compared to cosmetic surgical procedures.

For every skin problem there is a specific Skin Doctors solution. The Skin Doctors range is the most comprehensive on the market, with treatments for almost every major beauty problem from spider veins, puffy eye bags, wrinkles and skin ageing, to pigmentation and even micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels. The range provides solutions that can be used in the privacy of your own home and they deliver dramatic results that require no recovery time, unlike surgery. They are a fraction of the price of a cosmetic procedure while being safe and non-invasive.

What I thought:

Well, as I mentioned above, the pictures speak for themselves. My skin is smooth, soft and glowing with fading pigmentation and fine lines. Will I continue using Skin Doctors? Most definitely! I am rapt with the results. I’m looking at buying some of their other products, such as the Beetox cream.

Skin Doctors is available in their own online store, Chemist Warehouse and Pharmacies nationally. 



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