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WSS Home: Keep Your Home Mould And Allergy Free

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Each time of year has its pros and cons. For the allergy suffer and anyone who has a reaction to dust and mold, both winter and summer have their problems. The damp and condensation that builds up in the winter along with the cold can cause real misery. At the same time, there is a buildup of dust and dirt that contributes to more suffering. You can really help freshen up your home and at the same time help anyone in your family who has an allergy by taking a few simple steps.



With the cold air outside and the increase in moisture inside, there is a big damp and condensation problem in many homes. The first and best thing you can do it is to have efficient double glazing installed. This will improve the warmth inside your house and help prevent condensation forming on windows. Your single glazed windows can be replaced, or it may be possible for you to have inserts fitted to your existing window frames.

If you have not used a dehumidifier before you might be surprised at the amount of moisture it can take out of the air. You will have to ensure you empty it regularly, but these can be a great help. Small things that you can do to prevent moisture build up in a home include not hanging wet washing up in the house. Ensure too that you have a supply of fresh air circulating and coming into every room.

Bathrooms, in particular, are a source of excess moisture. Try and keep the door shut and ensure that the bathroom is ventilated and allowed to dry out in between sessions. Watch out for tell-tale signs of mold appearing on walls. Get rid of shower curtains and have them replaced with a shower screen.



Have your HVAC unit serviced regularly. This will ensure it is more efficient and costs less to run. It will also be cleaner. You can keep the circulating air fresh by finding a reliable source of home air filters. These need changing more frequently than you imagine and doing so makes a big difference to the quality of air you are breathing.

Pet dander is a major source of allergic reactions. Asthmatics In particular struggle. Keep pets out of bedrooms and especially off beds. Make sure that you are washing the bedding of any sufferer in very hot water and consider using allergy free bedding. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner that can deal with dust effectively.

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Curtains and carpets are prone to collecting dust and dirt. If you can consider taking up the carpets and having floors in your living areas at least laid with washable hardwood laminate flooring. Bamboo is another great alternative. Big heavy curtains are difficult to keep clean and are a magnet for dust. These could be taken down and replaced with blinds that are easy to clean.

It is in all our interests to make our homes as safe as we can for the whole family. We will all benefit from a home that has less dust and mold and for those that suffer from allergies, it will make a huge difference.


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