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How often do you use your microwave oven? If you are anything like me, you will only use it to make oats for breakfast and reheat leftovers for lunch. I’m a bit reluctant to reheat some foods as they can end up cold in the middle and scorching hot on the outside or rubbery and dried out. Lasagne is a prime example of a microwave reheating failure, as the outside edges usually end up dried out and rubbery, while the middle is still cold.

And don’t even talk about trying to reheat pies, sausage rolls, pizza and quiches in the microwave. Soggy, blobs of half warm yuk on a plate.

Well, all that is now in the past thanks to the brand new, clever Breville Quick Touch™ Crisp microwave. Yes, a microwave that can actually crisp, not just a mediocre reheating machine.

When preheated to high temperatures, the crisper pan works in conjunction with the microwave and integrated grill to prevent soggy pastry and pasta, delivering brown and crispy food while retaining flavour and texture.

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The clever people at Breville spent many hours with the Quick Touch Crisp to determine the right power levels, time and grilling combinations for different foods, the SMART Cook & Grill setting offers some unexpected, and extremely useful options such as toasting nuts and sandwiches, drying herbs, roasting vegetables and making caramel.  Yes, really!

This easy to use, mid-size inverter microwave also heats more evenly than standard microwaves, and incorporates short cut buttons on the inside of the door, including the favourite Melt Chocolate and Soften Butter settings from the original Quick Touch.  How clever is that?

Pizza, Baked Potato and Grilled Cheese settings bring microwave, grill and crisper pan features together for outstanding crispy results. Yum! No more rubbery cheese on soggy toast.

Want to see this magical kitchen essential is action? We were lucky enough to see how the Quick Touch Crisp works and actually taste the yummy goodness that came out of it.


Who doesn’t love an apple tea cake? I share with you my ‘modified for microwave’ Apple Tea cake:

apple cake


1 cup golden syrup

1 cup brown sugar

¾ cup milk

1 cups plain flour

2½ teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

125g butter, chopped

1 egg

4 Granny Smith Apples, peeled, cored and sliced

Method 1. Combine golden syrup, sugar and milk into a microwave-safe medium-sized bowl.

Select 50% power and dial up 3 minutes. Press START button. Pause program and stir every minute; remove and set aside to cool.

  1. Place flour, baking powder, cinnamon and butter into the bowl of a food processor and process until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add the golden syrup mixture with the motor running and process until smooth. Add the egg and process until just combined.
  2. Place the apple slices into the base of a greased microwave-safe 20cm x 20cm square cake pan.
  3. Pour the cake mixture over the pears. Select 70% power and dial up 25 minutes. Press START button.
  4. Remove from microwave and allow cake to stand until completely cool. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar for decoration and added flavour.
  5. Cut into thin wedges and serve with coffee or tea.

cake piece


The Breville Quick Touch Crisp is available at most electrical stores nationwide and has a RRP of $449.95.

For more information on the Breville Quick Touch Crisp microwave:

To celebrate the launch of the Breville Quick Touch Crisp Microwave, Breville and Woman of Style and Substance are giving away one Breville Quick Touch Crisp to a lucky reader valued at $450.00. 

All you have to do to enter the competition is fill out the form below.

Entries are for Australian residents only. Competition closes at midnight Monday the 7th December 2015. T&C’s below.

 Terms and conditions: The “Breville” giveaway is a game of skill and the most creative entry will be deemed the winner. The competition opens Monday 23rd November 12PM EST and closes on Monday 7th December at midnight EST. One entry per person. Australian entries only, sorry. There is 1 prize to be won, with a total value of $450.00. Winner will be notified via email. All entries will be signed up to our newsletter upon entry, if you do not wish to sign up to our newsletter please let us know via email. Good luck!

#SP As per our disclosure policy, this is a sponsored post in conjunction with Breville and Marmot Inc.


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  • Rebecca H

    The Breville Quick Touch Crisp microwave looks and sounds amazing! I really could make so many things in this microwave I never thought I could!

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