WSS Review: LG Twin Wash Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo

Do you remember the post that said I would never use or buy a front loading washer again? Ok, so I lied but with good reason!

You see, LG Australia contacted us to change my mind on front loaders by offering to try out their new Twin Wash washing machine/dryer.

I have an LG Cord Zero vacuum cleaner that I’ve had for a few years now and it is fantastic. If the washing machine is as good (or better) than the vacuum cleaner, I was keen to give the Twin Wash a go.

Anyway, how could I say no to a washing machine that promises two loads at once and dries the washing as well?

The huge 16kg capacity of the main washer, means that I can do at least two to three loads of what I used to do in my old washer. Yay! It also means I can get away with doing one load of coloured washing a day now and it dries the load, saving time and power. I don’t have to worry about space for a separate dryer or waste time hanging the washing out on the line (which is a bit hit and miss with Melbourne’s weather anyway).

If I spill coffee down my top or the boys get chocolate ice cream on their tops, the steam function uses 1,600 individual steam particles attack the stain.

How many times have you started a load of washing but forgot something? My dog regularly steals socks and I find them at the other end of the house after I have already started the load. Now I don’t have to worry about adding an item to the next load as I can add items right up until the spin cycle. Clever, isn’t it?

Speaking of clever, I can wash the boy’s coloured clothing in the main washer and their white school shirts in the mini washer. The mini washer (which holds up to 2.5kgs) is specifically for small loads, delicates (like bras and underwear), single items, knitwear, silk, active wear and baby clothing. I washed my Trenery linen jacket in the mini washer a few days ago (which is hand wash) and it came out clean and in perfect shape. I’m impressed!

Another great feature is the refresh function, which I use for the boy’s school blazers in between dry cleaning. Surprisingly, it actually removed a toothpaste mark off the lapel. I wasn’t expecting the refresh feature to actually clean the blazer, more refresh to get rid of odours etc.


The LG Twin wash is also wifi compatible, so you can connect it to the Smart THINQ™ app on your phone, which let you remotely start or monitor your wash progress. You can also track energy consumption, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and download additional wash cycles.

The main washer is quite quick at washing loads, usually under an hour. My last washing machine would take at least double that time.

I love that the LG Twin Wash has a tub clean function. That means no more musty smelling washing machine! I used to have to run an empty load with bleach or washing machine cleaner once a month in my old washer. Yuk!

So, what do I think? OK, I may have changed my mind on front loaders and love the LG Twin Wash. There are so many functions and it saves me time and money. You have to be happy with that!

The LG Twin Wash retails for $3999 and can be purchased at The Good Guys or Harvey Norman.


#Gifted. We were gifted a LG Twin Wash from LG Australia in accordance with our disclosure policy. All opinions are my own.

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