You know you are getting older when……

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Even though I am 3 years off the big 4-0, I’ve realised that I’m starting to sound like my parents more and more everyday.

 Here are 21 things I have noticed about getting older:
  1. You see young girls wearing just covering their bits denim shorts, mini skirts and dresses that leave little to the imagination and hearing yourself say “Thank gawd I have three sons, I would never let my daughter out like that!”.  Even though one used to wear hot pants, mini skirts, sheer tops, catsuits and knee/thigh high (CFM) boots, when she used to go out.
  2. Hear the way young girls speak and think ‘Have some class, lovey!” when they are using the F and C words constantly. Realise you probably swore like that too, although I would never, ever use the C word but now it is totally acceptable to use it in society ie ‘Straya C***!”.
  3. Wonder if we are raising a bunch of bogans because saying “Straya C***” is acceptable.
  4. You find hairs growing in weird places you never had hair before…. like your chin, upper lip etc.  I even found a mutant one inch hair on my thigh last week! What the?
  5. Listening to the ‘hip’ radio station in the car and you say “What is this crap?” when hearing songs by Nicki Minaj (what is with her crap rapping in every song? Just sing woman!), Keisha (honestly, who offered her a recording deal – awful!), Indi folk songs (don’t get me started!) etc.
  6. You had to Google ‘Nicky Minage’ to find the correct spelling of her name for the last point.
  7. Realising ‘hip’ isn’t a hip word anymore. Neither is ‘cool’.
  8. You realise saying “What is this crap?” is exactly what your father used to say to you upon hearing Technotronic, 2unlimited, 90s R & B etc you used to listen to.
  9. You have to look up Urban Dictionary to work out what the hell the youth are talking about these days.
  10. You read comments sections on major news sites and cringe at the horrible spelling and grammar, think the world is full of stupid people and the education system is failing, then you realise they are using ‘txt’ spelling and grammar but still think it is stupid to write like that.
  11. You can’t decipher txt spelling and grammar. It just looks like jibberish to you.
  12. You stop looking in clothing shops like Sportsgirl, Miss Shop at Myer etc and start shopping at stores like Trenery, Suzanne Grae, Brown Sugar etc. Not quite at the Katies and Millers stage yet though.
  13. If you stay up past midnight, it takes days to recover from it. You used to be able to party from Friday morning until Sunday night and then go to work on Monday feeling fine.
  14. You can’t drink as much anymore because a) it takes a week to recover from a hangover, instead of a day like in your 20s b) Have you tried being hungover with kids? It puts you off drinking forever… well until they have left home anyway.
  15. It’s easier to put on weight and twice as hard to lose it. Just looking at that cheesecake to have with your cappuccino at the cafe adds 10 kgs!
  16. You look at shoes practicality and how long you could wear them for before they start killing your feet, instead of just for fashion.
  17. You start sentences with “When I was your age….” Stop mid sentence and then slap yourself in the head for doing so!
  18. You have start watching movies at home and waiting until they are released to Apple TV/ DVD because it is ‘much cheaper’ to do so.
  19. You still use/ buy DVD’s and CD’s.
  20. You still prefer the look and feel of books compared to using a kindle or ipad.
  21. You realise you are using more and more ‘age defying’ products, even for your hair! Does hair even age?
What has made you realise you are getting older?

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