10 handy kitchen space savers

If your kitchen is anything like mine, there never seems to be enough space to put everything. Here we show you some ideas on how to save space in your kitchen!

1. Stackable shelving units. You can buy metal and plastic shelving units just about anywhere now. The shelves give you more cupboard space plus it makes getting to things easier. How many times have you stacked plates and bowls only to have to balance the bowls to get a plate out? These shelving units are fantastic. I bought mine at Ikea ($4.99 for two)
2. Putting baking trays, serving platters, large plates etc on their side. Such a simple thing to do but it saves a lot of space.
3. Stackable bowls, strainer and measuring cups. Such a simple idea and you have everything in one place. No searching through drawers for a teaspoon or tablespoon while baking.
4. Collapsible graters. What a brilliant idea! The best thing is, you can store it in your utensil drawer, saving valuable cupboard space.
5. Pot holders. Pots and pans can take up a lot of room in cupboards. This ceiling mounted pot holder adds country provincial style to any kitchen, while freeing up cupboard space. The pot holder above is from Ikea.
6. Microwave drawers. I have only just found out these exist. How great is it to not have to have a microwave taking up bench space? Such a fantastic idea. No swinging out doors either.
7. Provincial styling at it’s best. I love the idea of an old ladder for storage. Ease to construct with some chain and cup hook holders.
8. If putting up a pot rack isn’t suitable, we love the stackable pots and pans by Tefal. The handle comes off for easy storage as well.
9. DishDrawer dishwashers offer the convenience of a dishwasher but space saving at the same time. So now there isn’t an excuse to not have a dishwasher, there are many sizes to fit in with your kitchen space. Even the smallest spaces! I love how pot drawers are conveniently placed under the DishDrawers in the above picture.
We prefer Fisher & Paykel, as they have a broad range of DishDrawers to suit any sized kitchen and price range.

10. Using magazine holders to hold cans of food. What a brilliant idea and it saves so much shelf space. You can buy magazine racks like above at Typo or stationery stores.
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