10 Reasons To Put A Cover On Your Phone Today

Phones are a few of the devices the world cannot do without at present, thanks to our high dependence on them. However, many expensive phone users forget that using a case should be mandatory rather than an option. If you’re still looking for a reason to put a cover on your phone, we have 10 for you. Read on to know why phone cases can be lifesavers!

New Models of Phones are Too Slim and Light

Smartphone models released today are known for their thin and light bodies. The sleek design may look extremely appealing and aesthetic, but do you remember the Bendgate catastrophe in the Apple iPhone 6 series? Even after the problem was solved in the newer models, it makes a statement that phones as light and slim are not very durable. God forbid if you sat down on a hard surface with your expensive phone in your back pocket. There’s only so much gorilla glass can do! These phones are certainly not like the invincible Nokia 3310. Hence, adding a case to your beautiful device can add the required bulk to your phone, so it doesn’t break or bend at the first sign of external pressure.

You Don’t have an Extended Phone Insurance

Phone insurances can be expensive, costing you an extra $10 per month, with a $50 deduction. However, how many people buy full coverage insurance for their peace of mind in case they drop or lose their phone? Sometimes it is not feasible to invest so much, considering how luck can play a role in such things, damaging the phone on the one day your insurance had lapsed. Instead of purchasing phone insurance, you can choose to take good care of it. A part of the job includes getting a sturdy and shock-absorbing case on your phone and a screen guard to protect it from damages.

Scratches Can Ruin Your Phone’s Longevity

Today’s smartphones are not super delicate pieces of glass because their screens are made using a very reliable combination of metals and fibre plastic for the body. The glass used for the screen and even the back (mirror finish) is a remarkable Gorilla Glass that can withstand high pressure and stay intact while being dropped from reasonable heights. However, there are still chances for your Gorilla glass to get scratched if you never drop your phone or intentionally scratch a coin on it. Your device spends a lot of time in the pocket or bag where it can get a lot of scratch damage unless there is an iPhone 12 Pro Max case to cover it.

Cases protect The Entire Body of Your Phone

Phone cases may not protect your screen if dropped from an incredible height due to an accident or clumsiness, but they do protect the rest of the phone’s body. The delicate circuits and parts inside can be damaged due to shock, and that’s what your phone case can avoid from happening. That way, all you need to do is change the screen, saving you hundreds of dollars in complete phone repairs if things go south. 

Great Phones can be Very Expensive

Buying a high-quality and latest smartphone model can be an expensive affair for which people are willing to go into debt. It would be a crying shame to have your brand new iPhone dropped on the same day of its purchase and the body damaged. Hence, spend an extra few dollars on a high-quality phone case to protect your phone from such mishaps and damages well in advance. These super tough cases can be expensive, but not as expensive as getting a new phone after breaking the one you had!

The Added Grip Can Save Your Phone

The biggest issue with sleek smartphones is that they can be very slippery. Getting a rubberized case for extra grip could save you from potential disasters where the phone simply slides off the table during an incoming call or message, or worse, out of your pocket when you are not noticing. A firm grip makes the difference between holding on to or dropping slippery but beautiful phones.

You Have An Older Phone Model

If you think having an old phone you don’t care about warrants you to go caseless, think again. An old model can serve you just as well and needs to be protected with a case. Also, you can jazz up its appearance with a high-quality case that makes your phone look as cool as the new models!

You Carry Your Phone Wherever You Go

Do you carry your phone everywhere, including places it probably shouldn’t be taken to?  Let’s admit that most of us take our phones to the bathroom or pool because we can’t live without them. Even to a person who isn’t so clumsy, it’s doubtful that their phone won’t ever be dropped. Sometimes, it could be knocked off your hand or be dropped by your friends. If you visit the pool, a waterproof case will help with accidental splashes. Also, if you want to go diving, you can use special underwater cases to protect your phone while taking great photos.

Some Phone Cases Have More Features

A lot of phone cases today have more to offer than just protect your device. Several multipurpose cases act as extra battery packs, bottle openers, and even tasers. The commonly used ones have money and cardholders as well as entertaining fidget games on their back to keep you entertained.

Conclusion: Make Your Phone Distinct

Having the latest phone is not flexible these days; everyone has a new model of different brands. However, the biggest challenge in a group setting can be recognizing your phone since everyone has a similar model. One way to make your phone truly yours and recognizable is to get a unique phone case to protect it while avoiding confusion and mixups. investing a little goes a long way when it comes to increasing your phone’s longevity. We’re sure you will be grateful for getting a case on time one day!

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